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What does a lymphatic therapist do?

What does a lymphatic therapist do?

Lymphatic therapists perform manual lymphatic drainage as prescribed by your doctor. This very gentle type of massage uses special manipulation techniques to stimulate the absorption of accumulated fluid from the tissues into the lymphatic system.

What is deep lymphatic therapy?

Lymphatic drainage massage is a form of gentle massage that encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. The fluid in the lymphatic system helps remove waste and toxins from the bodily tissues. Some health conditions can cause lymph fluid to build up.

How do you flush your lymphatic system?

Below are 10 ways to help create flow in your lymphatic system and remove toxins from your body.

  1. Exercise. Regular exercise is key for a healthy lymphatic system.
  2. Alternative Treatments.
  3. Hot and Cold Showers.
  4. Use Dry Brushing.
  5. Drink Clean Water.
  6. Avoid Wearing Tight Clothes.
  7. Breathe Deeply.
  8. Eat Foods That Promote Lymph Flow.

What happens in lymphedema therapy?

Lymphedema therapy focuses on relieving swelling in the arms and legs by moving lymphatic fluid out of the affected limbs. It can also prevent additional swelling. “A lymphedema therapist can show you how to use a compression sleeve, which helps squeeze fluid from the arm or leg toward the center of the body,” Dr.

Is lymphatic massage painful?

A lymphatic drainage massage uses pressure applied to key areas to unblock the flow. This technique is completely painless, as constant soft pressure is applied and increased slowly.

What is the best treatment for lymphedema?

The most common treatments for lymphedema include bandaging, proper skin care and diet, compression garments, exercises, and manual lymphatic drainage, a gentle form of skin stretching/massage.

What is the prognosis of lymphedema?

The prognosis for lymphedema depends on the extent of damage to the lymphatic system and the stage at which treatment begins. It cannot be cured, but with proper and timely care and treatment, the affected limb can be returned to a normal size and shape. It can also be treated so that further degeneration does not take place.

What happens when your lymphatic system fails?

When the lymphatic system fails to function in an efficient manner, the excess fluid accumulates in the tissue spaces and causes swelling. Eventually it impairs the circulation in the area and compresses neighboring structures and organs causing a host of conditions.

What do lymphatic massage therapists do?

A lymphatic massage session for women who develop lymphedema after surgery for breast cancer starts with light massage on the surface of the skin of the neck. The therapist gently rubs, strokes, taps or pushes the skin in directions that follow the structure of the lymphatic system so that accumulated lymph fluid can drain through proper channels.