What does by a large margin mean?

What does by a large margin mean?

“Margin” can mean “the amount by which one thing differs from another.” Simply, “large/wide margin” means “by a lot” in this case. The difference is large.

What does it mean by the word margin?

1 : the part of a page or sheet outside the main body of printed or written matter. 2 : the outside limit and adjoining surface of something : edge at the margin of the woods continental margin. 3a : a spare amount or measure or degree allowed or given for contingencies or special situations left no margin for error.

How do you do wide margins in Word?

Set Margins for a Section of Your Document

  1. Select the section in the document where you want a different margin size.
  2. Select Layout > Margins > Custom Margins.
  3. Type new values for the Top, Bottom, Right, and Left margins.
  4. From the Apply to list, select This Section.
  5. Select OK when you’re done.

Is margin a adjective?

pertaining to a margin. situated on the border or edge. at the outer or lower limits; minimal for requirements; almost insufficient: marginal subsistence; marginal ability.

What is margin with example?

An example: Assume you own $5,000 in stock and buy an additional $5,000 on margin, resulting in 50% margin equity ($10,000 in stock less $5,000 margin debt). If your stock falls to $6,000, your equity would drop to $1,000 ($6,000 in stock less $5,000 margin debt).

Is margin same as profit?

Profit Margin Measures a Company’s Profitability Unlike profit, which gets measured in dollars and cents, profit margin gets measured as a percentage. To measure profit margin, use the company’s net income divided by the total sales generated.

What is a 1 inch margin in CM?

Note: Be careful, 1 cm = 0.3937 inch and 1 inch = 2.54 cm. By default, Word uses 1-inch margins and 2.5 cm.

What are different types of margins?

Types of Profit Margin There are three types of profit margins: gross profit margin, net profit margin, and operating profit margin.

What is generous margin?

The blank area around the edges of a page is the margin, and you can control how much or how little space you leave there. Setting generous margins is a great way to make a document easy on the eyes when reading.

What is the adjective for margin?

pertaining to a margin. situated on the border or edge. at the outer or lower limits; minimal for requirements; almost insufficient: marginal subsistence; marginal ability. written or printed in the margin of a page: a marginal note.

Is margin interest charged daily?

Margin interest is accrued daily and charged monthly. The interest accrued each day is computed by multiplying the settled margin debit balance by the annual interest rate and dividing the result by 360. The amount of the debit balance determines the annual interest rate on that particular day.

What is the meaning of 10% margin?

If an investor makes $10 revenue and it cost them $9 to earn it, when they take their cost away they are left with 10% margin. They made 11.11% profit on their $9 investment.

What is the legal definition of a margin?

Legal Definition of margin. 1 : the difference between net sales and the cost of the merchandise sold from which expenses are usually met or profits derived. 2 : the amount by which the market value of collateral is greater than the face value of a loan.

Is the Dictionary of idioms by a wide margin?

Subscribe to our free daily email and get a new idiom video every day! By a large amount; by a lot. We won that game by a wide margin! I think the final score was 10-1. Farlex Dictionary of Idioms. © 2015 Farlex, Inc, all rights reserved. Want to thank TFD for its existence?

Which is the best definition of a margin for error?

an amount allowed or available beyond what is actually necessary: to allow a margin for error. a limit in condition, capacity, etc., beyond or below which something ceases to exist, be desirable, or be possible: the margin of endurance; the margin of sanity. a border or edge.

What does margin mean in industrial relations terms?

(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) chiefly Austral a payment made in addition to a basic wage, esp for special skill or responsibility. 6. a bound or limit. 7. the amount by which one thing differs from another: a large margin separated the parties.