What does the F mean in the Bible?

What does the F mean in the Bible?

Etymology. The “and following” sense is short for “folios following” (though if read aloud, it should be read as “and following”). The “folios” that follow can be pages, paragraphs, Bible verses, or other sections of written material.

What are the words associated with Christianity?

Subject specific vocabulary: Christianity

  • Agape. The Greek word for ‘unconditional love’, and the basis for the Golden Rule for Christians, and of Jesus’ sacrificial crucifixion.
  • Allegorical.
  • Anglican.
  • Anointing of the Sick.
  • Apostle.
  • Apostolic Succession.
  • Arianism.
  • Atonement.

What are some religious words?


  • deifying.
  • godlike.
  • godly.
  • heavenly.
  • holy.
  • religious.
  • reverent.
  • sacred.

What does C stand for in Christianity?

A Christogram (Latin Monogramma Christi) is a monogram or combination of letters that forms an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ, traditionally used as a religious symbol within the Christian Church.

What is the FF after a verse?

abbreviation This is short for ” folios following,” which according to common usage can include pages, paragraphs, Bible verses, or other written material. When reading aloud, say, “and following.”

What does notation FF mean?

ff. abbreviation. ​written after the number of a page or line to mean ‘and the following pages or lines’

What are believers called in the Bible?

The title “Nazarene” is used once in the New Testament to refer to Christians, in Acts 24:5, where Tertullus calls Paul “a ringleader of the sect of the Nazarenes”. In rabbinical and contemporary Israeli Hebrew, Notzrim is the general official term for Christians.

What are the holy words?


  • divine.
  • hallowed.
  • humble.
  • pure.
  • righteous.
  • spiritual.
  • sublime.
  • perfect.

What does IHS mean in the Bible?

IHS (also IHC), a monogram or symbol for the name Jesus, is a contraction of the Greek word for Jesus, which in Greek is spelled IHΣΟΥΣ in uncial (majuscule) letters and Iησους in minuscule letters and is transliterated into the Latin alphabet as Iēsus, Jēsus, or Jesus.

What are some words that start with the letter F?

13-letter words that start with f. functionality. fragmentation. fertilization. featherweight. functionalism. ferroelectric. fortification.

What are some adjectives that start with F?


  • Futuristic
  • Fussy
  • Furtive
  • Furry
  • Funny
  • Functional
  • Fumbling
  • Full
  • Frustrating
  • How many words are in the Bible?

    Here are the word counts for the some of most common versions of the Bible: The King James Bible : 783,137 words. New King James Bible: 770,430 words. The New International Bible (NIV): 727,969 words. English Standard Version (ESV): 757,439 words.