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What does the Ilium mean?

What does the Ilium mean?

Medical Definition of ilium : the dorsal, upper, and largest one of the three bones composing either lateral half of the pelvis that in humans is broad and expanded above and narrower below where it joins with the ischium and pubis to form part of the acetabulum.

Does Ilium mean Troy?

1. Latin, Ilium. Greek, Ilion. an ancient ruined city in NW Asia Minor: the seventh of nine settlements on the site is commonly identified as the Troy of the Iliad.

What does ileum mean in Latin?

ileum (n.) “groin, flank,” in classical Latin, “belly, the abdomen below the ribs,” poetically, “entrails, guts.” The word apparently was confused in Latin with Greek eileos “colic” (see ileus), or perhaps is a borrowing of it.

What is the iliac bone?

Iliac Bone is the upper crest or “wings” on the pelvic girdle. The uppermost and widest of the three bones constituting either of the lateral halves of the pelvis. Iliac bone is commonly used for autogenous bone grafts in spine surgery.

What’s another word for ilium?

Troy is referred to in classical Latin as Ilium, Ilion or Ilios and in ancient Greek as Ἴλιον or Ἴλιος.

What is the main function of the ilium?

The Anatomy of the Ilium In adults, this fan-shaped bone is fused with two other bones, the ischium and pubis, to make the hip bone (often referred to as the coxal bone). 1 As such, the ilium serves a weight-bearing function and is part of the structure that ensures the spine is supported when the body is upright.

Why do we call Ilium Troy?

Roman Troy (Troy IX) A new city called Ilium (from Greek Ilion) was founded on the site in the reign of the Roman Emperor Augustus.

Is ileum Latin or Greek?

The term ileum is from the Greek, signifying “to twist,” since it always appears in a contorted condition.

What is meant by a ileum?

(IH-lee-um) The last part of the small intestine. It connects to the cecum (first part of the large intestine). The ileum helps to further digest food coming from the stomach and other parts of the small intestine.

What is the function of the iliac crest?

The iliac crest provides attachment for the hip flexors, the abdominal muscles, and the muscles that rotate the hip. Direct impact on the iliac crest can cause contusion, bruising, and inflammation of tissue or even bone fracture.

Is ilium the same as iliac?

The ilium (plural: ilia; adjective: iliac) is a bone and part of the innominate bone making up the bony pelvis. Terms relating to the ilium include iliopsoas and iliacus.

What is the common name for Ilium?

The ilium, Latin for “groin” or “flank,” is the largest of these. The hipbones are part of the iliac crest. The bone supports the sacrum , which supports the spine. The space between the outer edges of the upper iliac bones is called the biiliac width and is used by anthropologists and forensic specialists to estimate body mass.

What does the name illium mean?

A submission from Texas, U.S. says the name Illium means “The one who succeeds” and is of Latin origin. Search for more names by meaning.

What is the adjective for Ilium?

There exists however in classical Latin an adjective ilius/ilia/ilium . This adjective however means not with respect to the flanks, but Trojan. Troy is referred to in classical Latin as Ilium, Ilion or Ilios and in ancient Greek as Ἴλιον or Ἴλιος.