What does the name Farleigh mean?

What does the name Farleigh mean?

f(a)-rlei-gh, far-leigh. Origin:British. Meaning:meadow of the sheep or meadow of the bulls.

What is the meaning of the name doreck?

In Polish Baby Names the meaning of the name Dorek is: Gift from God.

What does swails mean?

: a low-lying or depressed and often wet stretch of land also : a shallow depression on a golf course.

Is Dekker a German name?

Dekker is a Dutch occupational surname equivalent to English Thatcher. Notable people with the surname include: Aesop Dekker (born 1970), American rock drummer. Albert Dekker (1905–1968), American actor and politician.

Where does the name Farleigh come from?

The Anglo-Saxon name Farleigh comes from the family having resided in Farley which was in several counties including Berkshire, Derbyshire, Hampshire, and Staffordshire. The surname Farleigh is an habitation name, which form a broad category of surnames that were derived from place-names.

What does it mean Swole?

When you’re swole, you’re ripped. Update: This word was added in January 2019. The word isn’t exactly new, however, since swole goes back to Middle English as a past tense and past participle of swell meaning “to distend,” “to enlarge,” “to bulge,” or “to puff out” (literally and figuratively).

What nationality is the name swails?

Swails is a name that was carried to England in the great wave of migration from Normandy following the Norman Conquest of 1066. The Swails family lived in Yorkshire, at Swale.

Is Decker an English name?

The name Decker is primarily a male name of English origin that means Ditch Digger. Originally an English Surname. Alternatively a German surname meaning ‘Roofer, thatcher’.

What country is the name Decker from?

German: occupational name for a roofer (thatcher, tiler, slater, or shingler) or a carpenter or builder, from an agent derivative of Middle High German decke ‘covering’, a word which was normally used to refer to roofs, but sometimes also to other sorts of covering; modern German Decke still has the twin senses ‘ …

Is Swole a compliment?

If you know the word, however, you’d know you’re in fact looking quite fit and muscular and might respond with a simple “Thank you for noticing.” Often bandied about on social media, swole has come to be a complimentary term for those with a physique enhanced by weightlifting and bodybuilding exercises.

What is jail Swole?

TIL prisoners make a treat called a “swole” by mixing hot water with a mixture of crushed Doritos or Cheetos and ramen and let it expand into a burrito type thing.

Where does the name swales originate from?

Swales is an English surname. It either derives from the River Swale or Swallow Hill. Notable people with the surname include: Alonzo Swales (1870–1952), British trade unionist.