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What engine comes in a 1999 Honda Civic Si?

What engine comes in a 1999 Honda Civic Si?


1999 Honda Civic Si Specifications
ON SALE 21 years ago
PRICE $17,860 (base)
ENGINE 1.6L DOHC 16-valve I-4/160 hp @ 7,600 rpm, 111 lb-ft @ 7,000 rpm
TRANSMISSION 5-speed manual

What kind of engine is in a Civic Si?

The 2022 Civic Si is powered by an updated high-output VTEC® 1.5-liter turbocharged 4-cylinder engine with usefully broader power curves than before. The engine’s peak torque of 192 lb.-ft. of torque at 1800-5000 rpm (SAE net) now arrives 300 rpm sooner for a quicker punch off the line and out of tight corners.

Do all Civic Si have VTEC?

The Honda Civic does come with VTEC standard on some models. They include the EX, EX-L, HX, Si, Si-R, VTi, VTiR,and the Civic Type R. All of these are upgraded over the base model Civic and come with other features as well. A variety of honda civic models are available with vtec.

Is a Civic Si a sports car?

The 2020 Honda Civic Si Coupe iS-Classified as a sports car. BSI has adaptive suspension which allows the driver to press of the “Sport” button and tighten the suspension for a more responsive ride. …

What does sport mode do on 2020 Civic Si?

What Is the Honda Sport Mode and How Does it Work? When you choose Honda Sport Mode, it will enhance throttle and engine response to give you more power, will sharpen steering to improve handling and will adjust suspension stiffness in models equipped with the adaptive damper system.

Is a Civic Si a good daily?

The Honda Civic Si is a car that makes it possible. While its fun, quick, and fun to drive, it is still a great family car or daily driver.

Are Civic Si reliable?

We already know that the car is reliable, as the experts and consumers on have even given it a 4.1 out of 5 stars, and Honda is known for building reliable cars. And we also know that the car was built for fun.

Is the Civic Si discontinued?

We might not mourn the passing of the coupe with how good the hatchback is, and the continued investment in the Type R hot hatch, but the Civic Si will be missed (for a little while; it’s due back in 2022).