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What episode does Reba faint?

What episode does Reba faint?

Reba’s Heart
Reba’s Heart. Van and Cheyenne are not sure about their marriage after the failed second wedding. Reba collapses at church and is taken to the hospital.

How old is Reba heart?

66 years (March 28, 1955)
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How did Reba end?

In the series finale, Van’s poor house-improvement skills cause a small fire in their home, and Reba lets them stay with her until they get things back in order. Meanwhile, Barbra Jean turns down an out-of-state promotion to make things work with Brock, and they decide not to get a divorce and make up.

When did Van and Cheyenne get married?

Van proposes after he gets kicked out of his house and Cheyenne happily accepts.. The two married at the end of the series pilot.

Why does Kyra walk funny Reba?

due to suffering from anorexia. Throughout the majority of filming Season 5, Pomers headed to a treatment facility in order to rectify her health issues. As a result, she only appeared in two episodes in the show’s fifth season.

Why did Barbara and Brock separate?

If you’ve never seen Reba, here’s an important piece of back story: Reba and Brock officially decided to go from separated to divorced after Brock admitted to cheating on Reba with the receptionist at his dental practice, Barbra Jean, a loud, ditsy blonde whom Brock eventually marries — because he knocked her up.

Was Cheyenne in Reba really pregnant?

The new Mrs. Hart found out she was pregnant on early on during the series. She remained on the show to the end.

Who is Reba McEntire with now?

Rex Linn
The country singer opened up to Andy Cohen about her new romance on “Watch What Happens Live.” Reba McEntire has been dating actor Rex Linn for about eight months, but the two have known each other much longer than that — nearly three decades, in fact!

Does Cheyenne get pregnant again in Reba?

Episode Details & Credits Reba gets. Reba questioning his decision finds out that Cheyenne is pregnant again but was told not to let Cheyenne know he told her. Meanwhile, with only 10 months to college, Kyra decides to move back in with Reba. Reba gets Cheyenne to confess only to also learn that they plan on moving out …

What is wrong with Kyra on Reba?

Kyra is absent for most of the fifth season due to her actress Scarlett Pomers having a real-life battle with Anorexia.