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What famous actors died in 2013?

What famous actors died in 2013?

Celebrity Deaths 2013

Patti Page January 01 Ned Wertimer January 08 Stan Musial January 19
Roger Ebert April 04 Margaret Thatcher April 08 Jonathan Winters April 11
James Gandoifini June 19 Cory Monteith July 13 Eileen Brennan July 28
Marcia Wallace October 25 Jane Kean November 26 Nelson Mandela December 05

Who passed away 2014?

Celebrity Deaths 2014

Russell Johnson January 16 Dave Madden January 16 Shirley Temple Black February 10
Jim Lange February 25 David Brenner March 15 Bob Hoskins April 29
Casey Kasem June 15 Eli Wallach June 24 Robin Williams August 11
Bob Crewe September 11 Geoffrey Holder October 05 Billie Whitelaw December 21

How many died 2013?

Results: In 2013, a total of 2,596,993 deaths were reported in the United States. The age-adjusted death rate was 731.9 deaths per 100,000 U.S. standard population, a record low figure, but the decrease in 2013 from 2012 was not statistically significant.

What happened on the 13th July 2013?

TRAIN CRASH KILLS 6 NEAR PARISA train carrying 385 passengers derailed in the Paris suburb of Bretigny-sur-Orge on Friday afternoon, killing at least six people. More than a dozen people were injured, with half of them in serious condition.

Who died in 2013 Famous?

Date of Death between 2013-01-01 and 2013-12-31 (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)

  • James Gandolfini. Actor | The Sopranos.
  • Paul Walker. Actor | The Fast and the Furious.
  • Steve Forrest. Actor | Mommie Dearest.
  • Peter O’Toole. Actor | Lawrence of Arabia.
  • Karen Black.
  • Richard Griffiths.
  • John Kerr.
  • 8. Lee Thompson Young.

Who died in June 2020?

June 2020

  • Javier Alva Orlandini, 92, Peruvian politician, Vice President (1980–1985), President of the Senate (1981–1982).
  • Jean-Michel Cadiot, 67, French writer and journalist.
  • Silver Donald Cameron, 82, Canadian journalist and author.
  • Garth Dawley, 86, Canadian journalist, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Which actor recently died?

James Rebhorn, the veteran character actor who most recently played Claire Danes’ character’s father on “Homeland,” has died. He was 65. The Hollywood Reporter confirmed the news with his agent but no cause of death has been specified.

What stars have died recently?

However, many actors and actresses have died of both known and unknown causes in the last few years. Some of the popular movie stars that have passed on in recent time include Justus Esiri, Pete Emeh, Muna Obiekwe and Toun Oni.

What famous actors have died?

On Sunday, April 16, Golden Globe-nominated actor R. Lee Ermey passed away. The famous actor died at the age of 74. Ermey was best known for his role as a drill sergeant in “ Full Metal Jacket .” He played the role of Gunnery Sgt. Hartman who was training a group of recruits.

What movie star has died?

Mungau Dain, Pacific Island Movie Star from Oscar-Nominated Film Tanna , Dies at 24. Mungau Dain, an actor from the Pacific Islands best known for his role in the Oscar-nominated film Tanna, has died.