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What gears for what tire size?

What gears for what tire size?

Gear Ratio and Tire Size Chart

3.31 3.42
27″ 2677 2766
28″ 2582 2668
29″ 2493 2576
30″ 2410 2490

How does tire size affect gear ratio?

When changing gears for taller tires, you are heading to a numerically higher gear ratio. The higher the gear ratio, the smaller the pinion gear. You do not want go too low in an effort to increase power to the wheels and/or relieve stress in the rest of the drivetrain.

What gears do I need for 35 inch tires?

Gear Ratio And Tire Size Calculator

3.31 5.38
34″ 2126 3456
35″ 2065 3357
36″ 2008 3264
37″ 1954 3176

What gear ratio do I need for bigger tires?

But the easiest way to figure out the right ratio is to lower it the same percentage you increased the tire diameter over stock. For example, imagine your 4×4 came from the factory with 32-inch tires and 4.10 axle gears. Upgrading to 37-inch tires would calculate to about a 16 percent increase in tire diameter.

Are 3.73 or 4.10 gears better?

3.73 VS 4.10 Ratio

3.73 Ratio 4.10 Ratio
Not as fast off of the line Quicker Off The Line
Lower Torque Higher Torque
Better Gas Mileage Decreased Gas Mileage
Higher Top Speed Lower Top Speed

Are 3.73 gears good for highway?

Is 3.73 gears good for towing? FACT: A 3.73 axle ratio is ideal for towing heavy loads on flat terrain and will produce increased fuel economy during steady-state, long-distance highway driving.

What is a good gear ratio for highway driving?

For on-highway linehaul, the range tightens to a fuel friendly 2.26 through 3.42 for the most common ratios. “For on-highway, direct drive, it starts all the way down at 2.26 and up to 3.08 or larger,” Garrison says. “Getting into the mid- and upper-threes is starting to get more unusual these days.”

Are 4.10 gears good for 35s?

4.10 will be just fine for 35’s and Especially if you get a 4:1 transfer case for off road adventures. I recently went from 3.21 to 4.10 with 35″ Terra Grapplers. It made a huge difference on my 2dr with manual transmission, It’s just about perfect around town. I run at about 2400rpm at 70 in 6th gear now.

Will bigger tires hurt my transmission?

Unfortunately, bigger tires come with some problems. The main problem is transmission failure. Transmission needs re-gearing after a tire change. They end up damaging their gearbox with bigger tires.

Are 4.10 gears good for highway?

Installing 4.10 gears improves the car’s performance on the track but with negligible effects to the highway driving. If your car is equipped with an overdrive, you may not even notice a difference in gas mileage with the new higher gearing.

Is a 4.10 gear ratio good?

FACT: A 4.10 axle ratio is ideal for towing heavy loads in a mix of city and highway driving and when towing on varied or steep grades. A 4.10 axle ratio will provide improved acceleration in stop and go city traffic.

Should I Regear with 35s?

Yes, going to 35s you should definitely regear. And yes, the 4.10 to 4.86 is the proper range for 35s. You trade off will be fuel economy vs towing power. Being that your probably not going to be towing that much weight, you would probably be fine with the 4.10.

Is there a calculator that calculates the transmission ratio?

This calculator will provide the speed of the vehicle based on transmission gear ratio, engine RPM, tire height, and the ring gear and pinion gear ratio in the rear end axle differential housing. This calculator assumes you know the vehicle’s transmission ratio.

How to calculate gear ratio for tire sizes?

Use our gear ratio calculator to find the changes to gear ratio when going to a different tire size. Both the effective and new gear ratios are calculated. Use our gear ratio calculator to find the effective gear ratio your vehicle will have with a new tire size.

How to calculate gear ratio for Jeep 4X4?

A basic method to calculate is to mutiply .12 by your tire diameter. (.12 X 38″ = 4.56) The below table can be used to get a rough idea on gear ratios. The colors represent ideal RPM’s at highway speeds (65). These calculations are assuming a manual transmission with a 1:1 ratio.

When to use street performance gear ratio calculator?

The Street Performance calculator is also handy when changing tire sizes on street rods. Considering changing the size of your tires? Use this gear ratio calculator to see what ring & pinion gear ratio will be right for you after a tire size change.