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What happened as a result of the Francis Report?

What happened as a result of the Francis Report?

The improvements led by NHS England over the past year include: Launching the Friends and Family Test, first in all inpatient wards and A&E units, and now in all maternity services, to gather real-time patient feedback on which hospitals can take immediate action to improve their patients’ experiences.

How do you reference the Francis Report?

To cite the report in your text you just need the name of the author, or in this case the enquiry chairman, and the year. You do not need to write this in italics. At the end of your assignment, you will need to include the Francis Report in your reference list.

What have we learned from the Francis Report?

It identifies how the extensive regulatory system failed to detect and act effectively to address the Trust’s problems for so long, even when the extent of the problems were known. The report recognises that what happened in Mid Staffs was a system failure, as well as a failure of the organisation itself.

How many recommendations does the Francis Report have?

290 recommendations
The Francis report made 290 recommendations and new proposals have been made by others.

Why is the Francis report so important?

The Francis Report was published based on a public inquiry into poor care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. The report examined what led to poor standards of care at the hospital, unnecessary patient deaths and why the warning signs of serious failings were not recognised.

What did the Francis report say about leadership?

The Francis report placed an emphasis on strong leadership at every level of the NHS. It called for openness, transparency and candour.

Why is the Francis report important?

What are the 6 C’s in the Francis Report?

The document includes a framework called the ‘6Cs’ (care, compassion, courage, communication, competence and commitment), sometimes referring to them as ‘values and behaviours’ but elsewhere as ‘fundamental values’.

Why is the Francis Report important?

What did the Francis Report say about leadership?

What caused the Francis Report?

The Francis Report was published based on a public inquiry into poor care at the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust. The inquiry focussed on failings within the trust itself and concluded that patients were routinely neglected by a trust which lost sight of its fundamental responsibility to provide safe care.

How did the Francis Report changed nursing?

The Health Secretary highlighted a number of changes since the Francis Inquiry, including: An extra 2,400 hospital nurses hired since the Francis report, with over 3,300 more nurses working on NHS hospital wards and 6,000 more clinical staff overall since May 2010.

Is the Nuffield Trust still publishing the Francis Report?

To mark the first anniversary of the publication of the report of the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust Public Inquiry ( the Francis Inquiry ), the Nuffield Trust has published a new piece of research exploring its impact.

What did the Nuffield Trust Report on quality of care?

The Nuffield Trust has reported on the feasibility of assessments and Ofsted-style ratings, and I am very grateful for their thorough work. I agree with their conclusion that there is a serious gap in the provision of clear, comprehensive and trusted information on the quality of care.

How are acute trusts responding to the Francis inquiry?

The study offers a snapshot into how acute trusts have responded to the Francis Inquiry Report. It is aimed at policy-makers, national statutory bodies, acute trusts, health representative groups and trade unions, patient groups and charities, and health service commissioners.

How is the government responding to the Francis Report?

Actions that must ensure the NHS is what every health professional and patient wants – a service that is true to the NHS values, that puts patients first, and treats people with dignity, respect and compassion. The Government accepts the essence of the Inquiry’s recommendations and we will respond to them in full in due course.