What happened between Carolina Dantas and Neymar?

What happened between Carolina Dantas and Neymar?

Carolina Dantas She is Neymar’s first girlfriend. She started her relationship with Neymar in 2010 and gave birth to a cute son, Davi Luca. Davi looks just like his mother and when you see him and his father with a glance, they have nothing in common. Reportedly, Neymar and Dantas split after one year in 2011.

Who is Carolina Dantas husband?

Vinicius Martinezm. 2019
Carolina Dantas/Husband

Was Carolina Dantas married to Neymar?

It could be recalled that Neymar became a father on August 24, 2011, when he and Dantas, his former girlfriend gave birth to their son David Lucca da Silva Santos. Unfortunately, they did not get married and parted ways soon after Lucca’s birth.

Is Carolina Dantas married?

Carolina Dantas/Spouse

Who is Davi Lucca mother?

Carolina Dantas
Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Mothers

How old is Davi Lucca?

10 years (August 24, 2011)
Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Age

Who is Davi Lucca father?

Davi Lucca da Silva Santos/Fathers

Who is the father of Davi Lucca?

How old is Neymar’s ex girlfriend Carolina Dantas?

Carolina Dantas is Neymar’s’ Ex Girlfriend Baby Mama. 21-year-old Brazilian player Neymar whose full name is Neymar DaSilva Santos Junior has become famous not just because of his flamboyant hairstyles but for his outstanding performance in the field.

Who is the girlfriend of Neymar of Barcelona?

As Barcelona FC prepares to welcome Brizilian star Neymar into their squad the world awaits the arrival of a new Barca WAG into their city, Neymar’s girlfriend and pretty baby mama is Carolina Dantas

When did Neymar and Carolina have their baby?

She gave birth to her and Neymar’s adorable son David Lucca Da Silva Santos on August 28th, 2011 Caro Dantas born on October 21, 1993, she graduated in 2011 from the Colegio Adventista de Santos and is currently attending at the AEON Vestibulares.

When did Neymar sign his contract with Barcelona?

It is until this year that Neymar’s dreams of joining a Spanish team will come true as Barcelona FC came to an agreement on a five-year contract with Santos on May 27th, 2013. Ok, now that we know a few things about Neymar what is there about his girlfriend Carolina?