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What happened to Brett Winterble on 760?

What happened to Brett Winterble on 760?

Brett Winterble has left as afternoon talk-show host at KFMB 760-AM, a San Diego radio station with an uncertain future, and is now the afternoon drive-time host on WBT 1100-AM and 99.3-FM in Charlotte, NC.

Where is 760 KFMB?

San Diego
KGB (760 AM) is a commercial radio station that is licensed to San Diego, California, United States and serves San Diego County. The station is owned by iHeartMedia and airs a talk radio format. Signing on in 1941 as KFMB, the station picked up its present talk radio format in 1994 after many years as a music station.

Where is the Rush Limbaugh show?

The Rush Limbaugh Show

Other names The Rush Limbaugh Program Rush Limbaugh on the EIB Network
Announcer Johnny Donovan
Created by Rush Limbaugh
Executive producer(s) Cookie Gleason
Recording studio Palm Beach County, Florida (1996–2021)

What radio station is Ken Matthews?

Ken Matthews (born 1966) is an American radio show host, professional speaker, and event host. He currently hosts a show on WHP (AM) in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, WPHT in Philadelphia, and globally on iHeart Radio. He was a regular rotating host for The Rush Limbaugh Show on the Premiere Radio Networks.

What radio station is Mark Levin on in San Diego?

KFMB 760 AM | Listen Online – myTuner Radio.

Did Rush Limbaugh do Family Guy?

On The Rush Limbaugh Show on September 27, 2010, Limbaugh explained that he agreed to do the episode based on his continuing friendly relationship with Family Guy creator and executive producer Seth MacFarlane, commenting, “Seth appreciates and has a great affection for professionals, and we’re all professionals here.” …

What station is Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on?

the EIB Network
The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show is an American conservative talk radio program hosted by Fox Sports Radio personality Clay Travis and former America Now/The Buck Sexton Show host Buck Sexton….The Clay Travis and Buck Sexton Show.

Other names Clay Travis and Buck Sexton on the EIB Network “Inspired by Rush”
Original release June 21, 2021 – present

Who replaced Ken Matthews?

Bob Durgin
His politics mean Matthews will fit nicely into the WHP 580 afternoon line-up, which already broadcasts Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh. Matthews is the new afternoon show host for the station, replacing recently-retired Bob Durgin. Matthews’ first broadcast is today – Sept.

What political party is Seth MacFarlane?

Political views MacFarlane is a supporter of the Democratic Party. He has donated over US$200,000 to various Democratic congressional committees and to the 2008 presidential campaign of then-U.S. Senator Barack Obama.

Is Brian Griffin a liberal?

Brian is a political liberal, who supports legalizing marijuana, gay marriage and ending the “war on terror”.

What is Clay Travis salary?

Clay Travis Net Worth and Salary: Clay Travis is an American lawyer, author, entrepreneur and radio host who has a net worth of $10 million….Clay Travis Net Worth.

Net Worth: $10 Million
Place of Birth: Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.
Gender: Male
Profession: Political commentator Sports journalist, Writer, Radio host

Is Clay Travis on radio?

Clay Travis is co-host of “The Clay Travis & Buck Sexton Show,” a three-hour talk radio program available on hundreds of radio stations nationwide. Joined by Buck Sexton, the duo broadcasts Monday through Friday from 11 am – 2pm CST –the legendary timeslot held by “The Rush Limbaugh Show” for more than three decades.

Who is replacing Brett Winterble on KFMB morning show?

Winterble told the Times of San Diego he has moved to Charlotte, but will continue to host a two-hour, weekday morning show (8-10 a.m. Pacific time) on Newsmax TV. Following Winterble’s departure, Miles Himmel, Winterble’s producer, has been filling in. Himmel’s father was legendary San Diego TV personality Larry Himmel, who passed away in 2015.

Who is the talk show host on KFMB 760?

Brett Winterble has left as afternoon talk-show host at KFMB 760-AM, a San Diego radio station with an uncertain future, and is now the afternoon drive-time host on WBT 1100-AM and 99.3-FM in Charlotte, NC.

Where did Brett Winterble work in San Diego?

Winterble comes to Charlotte from afternoons at TEGNA’s 760 KFMB San Diego as the sale of that station to Local Media San Diego prepares to close. Winterble previously hosted afternoons at Sports “ 980 The Beast ” KFWB Los Angeles and served as a producer for syndicated talkers Michael Reagan and Rush Limbaugh.

Where can I hear the Brett Winterble show?

The Brett Winterble Show is heard Monday through Friday from 3-6 pm on News Talk 1110 & 99.3 WBT. After spending nearly a decade with Rush Limbaugh as a Producer, Brett began his own show in 2008. Brett has been heard on Sirius XM, plus 980 KFWB in Los Angeles and 760 KFMB in San Diego.