What happened to Kevin Ware in 2013?

What happened to Kevin Ware in 2013?

In 2013, Kevin Ware suffered what many consider one of the most gruesome injuries in NCAA history. The injury happened during a March 31 Elite 8 game against Duke. Ware went to block a shot, which had him fall awkwardly. He then made a comeback to basketball, something which not many were expecting.

How long did it take Kevin Ware to recover from his injury?

After Ware broke his leg last March, his recovery was projected to last 6-to-12-months. He made an unscheduled and emotional return during the Nov. 6 exhibition game against Pikeville, splashing a 3-pointer on his first shot.

What happened to Kevin wares?

Cardinals game, Kevin Ware went up to block a shot and landed awkwardly resulting in a compound fracture in his lower leg – meaning both his tibia and fibula were sticking out of his skin. Judging by the reactions from players and coaches from both teams, it was obvious that Ware suffered an incredibly gruesome injury.

Did Kevin Ware ever recover?

Kevin Ware ultimately healed and finished his college career with Georgia State, according to the Player’s Tribune. Ware signed on with a professional team based in the Czech Republic in November, 2016, according to ESPN. For the fans, it is another lesson learned.

Did Kevin Ware lose his leg?

The following game, tragedy struck. On March 31, 2013, in the first half of Louisville’s Elite Eight matchup against Duke, Ware came down awkwardly on his right leg after trying to block a shot. The Louisville guard suffered an open fracture, and the bone literally came out of skin near his shin.

Why did Kevin wares leg break?

Injury. On March 31, 2013, in the first half of an Elite 8 game against Duke, Ware landed awkwardly on his right leg after attempting to block a shot, causing an open fracture which protruded several inches out of his shin.

Why did Kevin Ware’s leg break?

Who broke their leg in NBA?

The Orlando Magic’s Devin Cannady looks to have a bit of recovery to do after he suffered an open fracture to his right ankle after attempting to block a layup attempt. There were three minutes left in the first quarter when the 24-year-old went up for the block but landed awkwardly and was immediately in pain.

Who broke their shin in NBA?

Why didnt Kevin Ware feel pain?

Kevin Ware Says He Didn’t Feel Pain Ware said the fracture “showed him everything” about what it meant to be part of a team, and said that the experience showed that his fellow players were his family. “Those guys mean everything to me. That’s why I put my injury on hold during the game,” he said.

What is the most serious injury in the NBA?

The most gruesome injuries in NBA history

  • Jorge Garbajosa breaks his leg (March 26, 2007) Garbajosa was a promising player out of Europe.
  • Kermit Washington punches Rudy Tomjanovich (Dec. 9, 1977)
  • Paul George breaks his leg (Aug. 1, 2014)
  • Gordon Hayward breaks his leg (Oct.
  • Shaun Livingston decimates his knee (Feb.

Which NBA player has the most injuries?

5 most injury-prone NBA players in the 2020-21 season

  • #5 Zion Williamson. Zion Williamson #1 of the New Orleans Pelicans drives to the basket.
  • #4 Anthony Davis. Anthony Davis #3 of the LA Lakers.
  • #3 Victor Oladipo.
  • #2 Kristaps Porzingis.
  • #1 Kevin Durant.

Who was the Louisville basketball player that broke his leg?

University of Louisville basketball player Kevin Ware suffered a horrific broken right leg during Sunday’s NCAA Midwest Regional final that left his teammates and coach in tears.

What was the score of the Louisville basketball game?

Louisville, the top overall seed in the tourney, went more than 3 minutes without scoring after the injury but regained its composure to take a 35-32 halftime lead and went on to an 85-63 victory. “We won this for him,” Pitino said.

Who was Kevin Ware for the Louisville basketball team?

Going into the NCAA tournament, Louisville was one of the best teams in the country. They were one of the favorites to win the title that year, and Ware played a vital role in coming off the bench. When the tournament started, Louisville dominated from the start and looked like the best team in the field.

Where does Louisville play in the final four?

Louisville drew inspiration from Ware’s message and rolled over Duke, 85-63, in the Midwest Regional at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. The Cardinals will play Wichita State in the Final Four next Saturday. The injury was so gruesome that CBS decided to halt replays of the injury after showing it two times.