What happened to Monisha?

What happened to Monisha?

Monisha UnniNakhakshathangal actress Monisha died in a fatal car accident in the year 1992. The actress was only 21 year old then. She was shooting for the movie Cheppadividya, and was travelling in a car with her mother when the accident took place near Cherthala.

What age Monisha died?

21 years (1971–1992)
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How old is vineeth?

52 years (August 23, 1969)

How did Manisha died?

Television actor Manisha Yadav, known for playing Salima Begum in the Zee TV show Jodha Akbar, died on Friday. Reportedly, the cause of her death was a brain haemorrhage. Her co-star Paridhi Sharma was devastated and wrote on Instagram Stories, “This news is so heartbreaking. RIP @manisha_mannu.”

What is the meaning of Monisha in Kannada?

Monisha is Kannada Girl name and meaning of this name is “Wisdom, Knowledge, Talent, Sweet”.

What is the age of Dileep?

53 years (October 27, 1967)

What is the age of Manisha Koirala?

51 years (August 16, 1970)
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Are vineeth and Shobana related?

Vineeth is also a cousin of the film actress Shobana, Krishna and relative of Arun Kumar, actress Sukumari and Ambika Sukumaran.

How old is jayasurya?

43 years (August 31, 1978)

What’s the meaning of Monika?

It is a variation of Monica, stemming from the word “advisor” in Latin and “unique” in Greek. Monika is also the patron saint of women and mothers.

What is the meaning of Manisha?

According to Hindu mythology, Manisha is the Hindu Goddess of the Mind. When used in this context, it symbolizes intelligence and desire. In Sanskrit, the word ‘Manisha’ means decisive wisdom or determinate knowledge. Such knowledge is resolute and completely free of any doubt.

How old is Mukesh?

65 years (March 5, 1956)