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What happened to Simona De Silvestro at Indy 500?

What happened to Simona De Silvestro at Indy 500?

On 22 May 2010, she qualified in the 22nd position for the 2010 Indianapolis 500. She finished the race in 14th position, and earned Indianapolis 500 Rookie of the Year honors. She suffered a burned right hand after a fiery crash at the Firestone 550 at Texas Motor Speedway on 5 June 2010.

Did Simona Silvestro finish Indy 500?

Has Simona de Silvestro won the Indy 500? Simona de Silvestro has competed in 6 Indy 500s, with a best finish of 14th. She drove for Paretta Autosport in 2021, the first female-dominated team in Indy 500 history. De Silvestro finished 31st.

How old is Silvestro?

33 years (September 1, 1988)
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Where was Simona de Silvestro born?

Thun, Switzerland
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What place did the female driver finish in the Indy 500?

She was named Indy 500 Rookie of the Year and also went on to win IndyCar Series Rookie of the Year as well, finishing 12th in the points standings and recording seven top-10 finishes.

Is there a woman driving in the Indianapolis 500 today?

No women are currently competing in Indy Lights, and Mann says a large part of that is due to lack of funding. “It’s not so much as we need new female IndyCar drivers now, but we need these racers to have the opportunities to climb the ladder,” Mann said.

Who is the youngest IndyCar driver?

Colton Herta
He is the youngest person to ever win an IndyCar Series race. He is the son of IndyCar and Champ Car driver Bryan Herta….

Colton Herta
Born March 30, 2000 Santa Clarita, California, United States
IndyCar Series career
48 races run over 4 years
Team(s) No. 26 (Andretti Autosport with Curb-Agajanian)

How did Simona de Silvestro finish?

Simona’s Road To Indy Finished eighth in Atlantic Championship for Newman Wachs Racing with a win at Long Beach, becoming the second woman in series history to win a race.

What car number is Simona De Silvestro?

As the final seconds of the first qualifying day counted down, De Silvestro and Paretta Autosport wheeled out the No. 16 car for one last lap.

Is there a female driver in the Indianapolis 500 today?

There are no female drivers in the IndyCar developmental system and veterans like de Silvestro and Pippa Mann, who hasn’t ruled out a comeback, are still the ones getting Indy opportunities. Once they get it, the women know they have to make the most of their chance. It might be their only one.

Is there a female driver in the 2021 Indy 500?

De Silvestro is the only female in the field of 33 for this year’s Indy 500, and as a member of Peretta Autosport, this is the first time ever a female driver and female owner have qualified for the Indianapolis 500 together. De Silvestro is proud to be a part of history.

Has a woman ever won the Indianapolis 500?

During Patrick’s inaugural Indy 500, she led the race for 19 laps, marking the first time a woman ever led a lap in the competition. In the end, the diminutive driver, who stands 5’2″ and tips the scales at 100 pounds, finished the race in fourth place.