What happened to Smithy from the bill?

What happened to Smithy from the bill?

Cryer’s career ended when Smithy accidentally shot him during a hostage scenario not long after completing his training. Cryer did not bear any malice, but Chandler took the opportunity to have Cryer retired. Two years later, Smithy returned to Sun Hill as the new Sergeant following the death of Sgt. Matthew Boyden.

Is Smithy from the Bill married?

Alex Newcombe Walkinshaw (born 5 October 1974) is an English actor best known for playing the role of PC/Sergeant/Inspector Dale “Smithy” Smith in the ITV police procedural series, The Bill….

Alex Walkinshaw
Spouse(s) Sarah Trusler ​ ( m. 2009)​
Children 2
Relatives Jodie Marsh (first cousin)

Who was inspector in the bill?

Colin Tarrant played Inspector Andrew Monroe from 1990 to 2002, replacing Christine Frazer. He appeared in over 700 episodes, more than any other high-ranking uniform officer.

What episode does Smithy get shot?

“The Bill” 385: Spirits (TV Episode 2006) – IMDb.

Why was the bill Cancelled?

Cancellation. On 26 March 2010, ITV announced that it would be cancelling the series later that year after 26 years on air. ITV said that this decision reflected the “changing tastes” of viewers.

Why did Phil Hunter leave the bill?

A few weeks later after smashing a drug ring, Grace decided she wanted to transfer to Sun Hill following her secondment, so when Phil told Specialist Crimes, they offered him a post as a DS, so he took it and transferred away from Sun Hill….Phil Hunter.

IC: Gender
1 Male

Who killed Carly in the bill?

Dwayne teamed up with Tito Morientes who had a grudge against Carly’s boyfriend Marlon for a knife attack. The pair fired on Carly and Marlon during a drive by. Marlon was unhurt but Carly was fatally wounded.

Why did Gina Gold leave the bill?

She reprimanded Sergeant Callum Stone & PC Sally Armstrong for heroically rescuing a woman from a car in the River Thames, but revealed she didn’t want to fill out a risk assessment after death file again. When Smithy was held hostage at a school, Gold finally cracked, and decided she’d resign.

Who replaced Inspector gold The Bill?

Roberta Taylor
Occupation Actress author
Years active 1972–present
Spouse(s) Victor Taylor (1966–1970s; divorced) Peter Guinness ​ ( m. 1996)​
Children 1

Who killed Emma in the bill?

Emma Keane

Emma Keane(Hinckley When Married to Matt Hinckley)
Date of Death: 1st May 2008
Cause of Death: Bomb Blast (Terrorist attack)
Marital Status: Divorced

Who killed Carly the bill?

Why was Dale Smith temporarily made Acting Inspector?

( TB: ” Episode 117 “) Smithy was temporarily made Acting Inspector when Inspector Gina Gold took a few weeks leave after a bullying allegation was made against her by PC Emma Keane. On his first day at the job there was an armed robbery, an escaped convict on the loose and the funeral of a supermodel, which required high visible police presence.

How did Dale Smith get his call sign?

Call Sign: Dale ‘Smithy’ Smith first arrived at Sun Hill as an ambitious P.C., following military service with the Queen’s Royal Fusiliers. He had no time for political correctness and sometimes appeared to be racist and homophobic. This led him to clash with many colleagues and senior officers.

Why did Dale Smith want to be a police officer?

When Sergeant Bob Cryer, who had also served with the Fusiliers, encouraged him to pursue his ambition to become an armed police officer and gave him the highest possible grading, Smith submitted his SO19 application.

When did Dale Smith leave the show the bill?

Walkinshaw left the show in 2001, along with five other actors as part of a “cast clear-out”. He returned in 2003, as Smithy was promoted to Sergeant. Smith first arrived at Sun Hill police station as a police constable (PC), having served with the Queen’s Royal Fusiliers.