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What is a company byline?

What is a company byline?

A byline is a where the writer of an article is credited. In PR, bylines are an opportunity for clients to get organic media exposure through writing a piece in a magazine or newspaper, pulling from their industry experience and building the company’s platform in the process.

What is a byline in a logo?

Tagline and/or Byline. A byline is a descriptor or clarifier, like “Home Electronics,” while a tagline is more sophisticated. A tagline is a slogan, company statement or vision that condenses the brand essence in a way that creates interest. It should be short, pithy and smart.

What is a tagline for a business?

In more specific terms, a tagline is a catchphrase- usually a one-liner- that summarizes what your brand is all about. Your tagline should communicate your brand’s identity, purpose, and values in a creative way that makes it stick with your audience.

What is logo and tagline?

A logo slogan—also known as a tagline—is a catchphrase that communicates a message about your brand. The purpose of a logo slogan is to convey your company’s mission in a way that audiences will remember and identify.

Why is a byline important?

The byline indicates the primacy of the reporting and (sometimes) the writing of the article, but many hands may have been involved in the final, published version. The paper’s institutional responsibility for the published article used to be represented by a lack of bylines.

What is a synonym for byline?

A secondary heading, especially one printed above another. subheading. head. heading. strapline.

When do you use a byline in a piece?

A byline is sometimes used by media outlets to add perspective or expertise to their publication. Some publications and blogs discourage the direct mention of your company or product in a piece. This is because their audience dislikes pushy sales pieces.

Where is the byline in a news article?

A byline is simply wording that gives credit to the writer of a news story, article, or blog. It is typically found in an article between the headline and first line of the article body.

How to come up with a great byline for your website?

One way to do this is to simply think about what it is that your site provides and then to list those things on a piece of paper. Try and narrow these down to three or four core points and then string it together with a tone that captures the spirit of your site.

How to write a byline for an independent consultant?

If your byline is for an independent consultant use this second line to tell of previous experience in the field being written about in the article above the byline. If the reference is to a company, tell what the company does. Point to where the person or company is located.