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What is a Delahaye car worth?

What is a Delahaye car worth?

The 1949 Delahaye 175 S Saoutchik Roadster will be auctioned at RM Auctions’ ‘Sports & Classics of Monterey’ event on August 13-14. And if the anticipated price of somewhere between US$4 million and US$6 million is a bit steep for you, there are replica cars available at approximately US$500,000 from Delahaye USA.

Who owns the Delahaye brand?

The four Delahaye 145s are all in the United States, three in California owned by Peter Mullin, a premier collector of French cars.

What is a Delahaye 135?

The Delahaye 135 was an automobile manufactured by Delahaye. Designed by young engineer Jean François, it was produced from 1935 until 1954 in many different body styles. A sporting tourer, it was also popular for racing.

What kind of a car is a Delahaye?

Delahaye 135

Delahaye 135/138/148/168
Production 1935–1954 ca. 2,000 built
Designer Jean François
Body and chassis
Class Luxury car

What is a Hudson Commodore?

The Hudson Commodore is an automobile which was produced by the Hudson Motor Car Company of Detroit, Michigan between 1941 and 1952. During its time in production, the Commodore was the largest and most luxurious Hudson model.

What is a Delahaye Auto?

Delahaye automobile was an automotive manufacturing company founded by Émile Delahaye in 1894, in Tours, France, his home town. His first cars were belt-driven, with single- or twin-cylinder engines mounted at the rear.

When did the Delahaye 165 cabriolet come out?

Two Type 165s were built, and the first was shown in October 1939 at the Paris Auto Salon, the last salon before the war. The second 165 – this cabriolet, with body by Figoni and Falaschi, was so emblematic of 1930s French design that it represented the nation at the 1939 New York World’s Fair.

Where can I see a 1939 Delahaye cabriolet?

Housed in a glamorous stage-type museum building, the mood is right for period flashbacks with a recreated LeMans pit area real enough to be a fire hazard. Everything is magnificent about the museum, which has a handful of open days a month for the public to lovingly admire these cars from up close.

What did the Delahaye Type 165 win in 1936?

In 1936 it was the winner of the Marsailles Gran Prix. At the French Grand Prix is placed second, third, fourth, and fifth. Well-known coachbuilders, such as Franay, Letourner & Marchard, Chapron, and Guillore, were tasked with outfitting the 135’s.

When did the Delahaye 135MS roadster come out?

In 1936, they built the Delahaye 135MS roadster for the Paris Salon. The vehicle was based on drawings by the automobile artist Geo Ham. This design brought the duo instant success and recognition. The Delahaye Type 165 was also designed by Guiseppi Figoni and Falaschi.