What is a noun that names a group of things?

What is a noun that names a group of things?

Collective nouns
Collective nouns are names for a collection or a number of people or things. Words like group, herd, and array are collective noun examples.

What is the collective noun for a group of things?

The words army, flock, and bunch are all examples of collective nouns. These nouns are all singular nouns but they refer to a group of people or things. In most cases, collective nouns use singular verbs.

What are 10 examples of collective nouns?

100 Examples of Collective Nouns

  • a heap of rubbish.
  • a hedge of bushes.
  • a library of books.
  • 4.an outfit of clothes.
  • 5.an orchard of fruit trees.
  • a pack of cards.
  • a packet of letters.
  • a pair of shoes.

What are collective nouns 10 examples?

100 Examples of Collective Nouns

  • 1.a heap of rubbish. 2.a hedge of bushes.
  • 3.a library of books. 4.an outfit of clothes.
  • 5.an orchard of fruit trees. 6.a pack of cards.
  • 7.a packet of letters. 8.a pair of shoes.
  • 9.a quiver of arrows. 10.a range of mountains.
  • 11.a ream of paper. 12.a reel of film.
  • 13.a set of clubs.
  • 15.a book of notes.

What are collective nouns 5 examples?

Common examples of collective noun include: army, band, cast, committee, crowd, family, faculty, group, jury, society, school, staff, team, and troop.

Can You give Me list of collective nouns?

Collective nouns list: A troupe of monkeys A troupe of shrimp A troupe of dancers A troupe of minstrels A troupe of performers

What are the examples of collective nouns used in a sentence?

received high marks from the audience.

  • Troupe of yellow howler monkeys are feeding.
  • Jack seems to be a member of a gang.
  • Britney has piles of money.
  • She saw a flock of sheep.
  • What are five collective nouns?

    Herd – A group of herbivore animals

  • Pack – A group of canine animals such as wolves or dogs; also used to describe playing cards and packages containing multiple objects
  • Flock – A group of birds; also used to discuss small hooved animals such as sheep or goats
  • Swarm – A group of insects
  • Shoal – A group of fish
  • What are unusual collective nouns?

    Some collective nouns have some very unusual names, particularly related to animals. Names like a murder of crows, a shoal of fish, a pod of dolphins, a pack of wolves/dogs, hyenas, a colony of ants/bats, a sleuth of bears and so it goes on.