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What is another term for discussion?

What is another term for discussion?

conversation, talk, dialogue, discourse, conference, debate, exchange of views, consultation, deliberation. chat, tête-à-tête, heart-to-heart. seminar, symposium. talks, negotiations, parley. argument, dispute.

What’s another word for formal discussion?

Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for FORMAL DISCUSSION [debate]

What is the synonym of deliberate?

1 conscious, purposive; willful. 2 methodical, thoughtful, circumspect, cautious. 4 ponder. 5 cogitate, ruminate.

What is a discussion group called?

A conference at which participants of similar status discuss and exchange views. round table. meeting. conference. forum.

What is the opposite meaning of comprehensive?

comprehensive. Antonyms: narrow, restricted, shallow, exclusive, adversative, exceptive. Synonyms: wide, ample, general, extensive, large, broad, all, embracing, generic, significant, capacious, inclusive, compendious, pregnant.

What is a word for thinking things through?

To fully consider an action, and understand all its consequences. contemplate. consider. ponder. weigh up.

Who are the patients in the prami trial?

In a patient-blind trial, 465 patients with STEMI and multivessel CAD were randomized to undergo infarct-artery–only PCI or additional PCI in non-infarct arteries during the initial procedure. Patients with cardiogenic shock, prior coronary artery bypass grafting, significant left main disease, or chronically occluded arteries were excluded.

Which is the best synonym for clinical trial?

THESE COMPANIES FOUND IT’S USELESS IN THE AGE OF COVID-19 BERNHARD WARNERSEPTEMBER 12, 2020 FORTUNE AstraZeneca’s clinical trial hold stemmed from adverse events and may well proceed into further clinical development.

Where can I find prami from wiki journal club?

PRAMI From Wiki Journal Club Jump to: navigation, search Published Wald DS, et al. “Randomized trial of preventative angioplasty in myocardial infarction”. The New England Journal of Medicine. 2013. 369(12):1115-1123. PubMed• Full text• PDF Contents 1Clinical Question 2Bottom Line 3Major Points 4Guidelines 5Design 6Population

Where does the word ” trial ” come from?

Word Origin & History. mid-15c., “act or process of testing,” from Anglo-French trial, noun formed from triet “to try” (see try). Sense of “examining and deciding a case in a court of law” is first recorded 1570s; extended to any ordeal by 1590s. As an adjectival phrase, trial-and-error is recorded from 1806.