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What is Elektron Octatrack?

What is Elektron Octatrack?

The Octatrack DPS-1 (Dynamic Performance Sampler) is a digital electronic music instrument made after the Machinedrum UW by Elektron Music Machines.

How much does Octatrack weigh?

Elektron Octatrack DPS-1

Sequencer 8 internal tracks 16 banks per project 256 patterns per project 8 arrangements per project 4 parts per bank 16 scenes per part Supports swing and slide Micro timing Parameter locks Sample locks Full real-time control 8-track external MIDI sequencer
Weight 5.2 lb (2.4 kg)

How many tracks Octatrack?

eight audio
An Octatrack MKII pattern handles eight audio tracks and eight MIDI tracks. Each audio track can host a machine. Except for Neighbor machines, any machine type can be as- signed to any of the eight audio tracks. Machines are assigned to the eight audio tracks.

How good is Octatrack?

Even taking this into account though, the Octatrack is still an excellent instrument. There are a few more modern tricks that its closest rivals can do that are missing here, but no other hardware sampler can match the Octatrack for the sheer amount of creative depth it packs into its diminutive frame.

Is Octatrack analog?

The MkII line‑up comprises the Analog Rytm, Analog Four, and Octatrack. The Rytm is an analogue drum synth with sampling. The Octatrack is the daddy of Elektron’s range, a sampling and sequencing hub that embodies the company’s ethos of real‑time performance and deep expert‑level workflow tools.

Is Octatrack polyphonic?

But I have ached for a modern desktop polyphonic sampler for years. The old school samplers are brilliant, but they are massive, and not portable in the modern/post 911 sense.

Is the Octatrack analog?

Can the Octatrack sample in stereo?

The captured sample will be in stereo even though only one input is used.

What can you do with an Octatrack?

The Octatrack MKII brings enormous sample processing ability into a machine designed for live performance. It redefines how you transform your sounds, as well as how you interact and play with them. It lets you do things that were previously impossible with a single instrument.

What can an Octatrack do?

When did the first Elektron Octatrack come out?

Elektron launched the first Octatrack back in 2011, and quickly gained itself a great reputation among musicians not just for its sample engine, but also for its ability to sequence external gear in a live setting. The new model costs €1449/$1349 and starts shipping in August.

What is parameter lock automation on Elektron Octatrack?

You can change this balance to suit your workflow in the Octatrack’s settings menu. For one thing, Elektron has equipped the Octatrack with its Parameter Lock automation system, which allows each sequencer step to save parameter settings for the bulk of the audio tracks’ processors.

What are the features of the Octatrack MkII?

The Octatrack MKII has the same key features as its predecessor, with eight audio and eight MIDI tracks as well as a sample engine capable of time-stretching and pitch-shifting in real time.

Is the original gray Elektron MkII still available?

The original gray MKII remains available, giving you Octa options when setting up your studio. It’s the Octatrack anniversary party! And this tasty OS Upgrade is the birthday cake. And boy are we delighted to hand a slice of awesome firmware out to everyone – MKI and MKII users.