What is item level?

What is item level?

Item level (often abbreviated as ilevel or simply ilvl) is a rather important property of every item. It has two main functions — to reflect the item’s usefulness and at the same time determine the minimum level a character must have in order to use it. Individual items’ item levels can be found in their tooltips.

What is a good item level for Shadowlands?

You should ideally aim to craft an item level 235 Legendary. But if you lack the resources, there’s nothing wrong with item level 190. You can always gradually upgrade your Legendary week by week until you have enough Soul Ash to create your best-in-slot.

What Ilvl should I be for Mythic 15?

Minimum ilvl for M+ levels?

Difficulty Level End-of-Run Item Level Great Vault Item Level
Mythic +12 204 223
Mythic +13 204 223
Mythic +14 204 226
Mythic +15 204 226

What is the highest Ilvl in Shadowlands?

Items obtained in Mythic+ Keystones or the Great Vault can be upgraded up to item level 246 by using Valor. Valor can be obtained by completing Callings or completing Mythic+ keystones, up to seasonal cap that increases every week.

How do I check my Ilvl?

To find the item level of an item, hold down the ALT key while hovering the cursor over the item or hold down the left stick (L3) on a XB1 or PS4. The item level will be shown above the level requirements in the item description.

What iLvl should I be for mythic 0 Shadowlands?

Mythic 0 dungeon loot in Shadowlands (210 ilvl)

What Ilvl do you need for mythic 4?

Common Problems

Difficulty Level End of Run iLvl Weekly reward iLvl
Mythic +3 213 226
Mythic +4 216 226
Mythic +5 220 229
Mythic +6 223 229

What Ilvl should I be for mythic 0 Shadowlands?

What level does mythic 0 drop?

How many mythic dungeons can you do?

You can complete as many Mythic+ dungeons as you want, as long as at least one player in your party has a Mythic Keystone. All completed Mythic+ dungeon runs will award loot depending on the level of the dungeon and whether or not you beat the timer.

How do I check my party members Ilvl?

Display average item level of all the members in party / raid. When moving the mouse over a unit frame in OiLvL frame, it will show tooltips of the current unit. Right click on the unit frame will target the unit. Ctrl+Right click on the unit frame will target and inspect the unit.