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What is the another name of revolution of Earth?

What is the another name of revolution of Earth?

Earth spins around its axis, just as a top spins around its spindle. This spinning movement is called Earth’s rotation. At the same time that the Earth spins on its axis, it also orbits, or revolves around the Sun. This movement is called revolution.

What word is revolution?

1a(1) : the action by a celestial body of going round in an orbit or elliptical course also : apparent movement of such a body round the earth. (2) : the time taken by a celestial body to make a complete round in its orbit. (3) : the rotation of a celestial body on its axis.

What is the synonym and antonym of revolution?

revolution. Antonyms: fixity, permanence, stability, conservation, allegiance, stabilisation, perpetuation, suppression. Synonyms: rotation, periodicity, return, change, alteration, revulsion, revolt, reconstitution, emeute.

What is the antonym for revolution?

What is the opposite of revolution?

surrender capitulation
submission abdication
acquiescence surrendering
yielding relinquishment
succumbing conceding

What is a good name for a revolution?

Some common synonyms of revolution are insurrection, mutiny, rebellion, revolt, and uprising. While all these words mean “an outbreak against authority,” revolution applies to a successful rebellion resulting in a major change (as in government).

What is the root word for revolution?

The word derives from Late Latin revolutio- “a revolving,” from Latin revolvere “turn, roll back”. It entered English, from Old French révolution, in 1390, originally only applied to celestial bodies. From that point on, the word “revolution” acquired its subversive political connotation.

What is revolution give example?

The definition of a revolution is the movement of one object around a center or another object, a forceful overthrow of a government by the people or any sudden or grand change. An example of revolution is movement of the earth around the sun. An example of revolution is the introduction of the automobile into society.

What do you call a person who starts a revolution?

A revolutionary is a person who either participates in, or advocates a revolution.

What is the root word of revolution?

How would you describe a revolution?

In the fields of history and political science, a revolution is a radical change in the established order, usually the established government and social institutions. The people who start revolutions have determined the institutions currently in place in society have failed or no longer serve their intended purpose.

What do you call members of a revolution?

What is revolution in simple words?

A revolution is a very sharp change made to something. The word comes from Latin, and is related to the word revolutio (which means a turn around). Revolutions are usually political in their nature. But in the French Revolution (1789), there was much bloodshed.

What’s another word for revolution?

rotation, revolution, gyration(noun) a single complete turn (axial or orbital) “the plane made three rotations before it crashed”; “the revolution of the earth about the sun takes one year”. Synonyms: revolution, rotation, rotary motion, whirling, gyration.

What is an antonym for revolutionary?

Antonyms for revolutionary: counterrevolutionary, staunch, devoted, middle-of-the-road, compliant, liberal, loyal, temperate, old-fashioned, obedient, right-winger, constant, rightist, tory, true-blue, old, traditionalist, submissive, true, steadfast, tractable, middle of the roader, progressive.

What is another word for revolted?

rebellion, insurrection, revolt, rising, uprising(verb) organized opposition to authority; a conflict in which one faction tries to wrest control from another. Synonyms: rising, insurrection, ascension, rise, rebellion, ascent, uprising. revolt(verb) make revolution. “The people revolted when bread prices tripled again”.

What is another word for “revolutionary change”?

other words for revolutionary change. break with the past. conversion. marked transformation. metamorphosis. quantum jump. quantum leap. radical change. sudden change.