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What is the best thing to trade in Elite Dangerous?

What is the best thing to trade in Elite Dangerous?

Trade gold, silver, and palladium The gold, silver, and palladium metals are among the most valuable non-rare commodities you can trade in Elite Dangerous: Horizons. Although they’re also among the most expensive, gold, silver, and palladium have some of the biggest trading profit margins in the Elite universe.

How do you trade in Elite Dangerous?

How to Find the Best Transport Missions in Elite Dangerous. There are a few methods to begin trading in the galaxy. The simplest is to dock at a station, open the mission board, set the mission type filter to “Transport,” and accept any mission the Commander desires.

How does EDDB IO work?

“EDDB is a site about systems, stations, commodities and trade routes in Elite: Dangerous.” EDDB draws most of its system data directly from EDSM, but players can manually submit data about stations, commodity values, astronomical objects, and minor faction activity via ROSS.

How can I help EDDB?

How can you help keeping the data on EDDB up to date? Short answer: Use a program like EDMC while playing the game, and every time you visit a system or a station, EDDB is being updated with the latest data.

What is the most expensive commodity in elite dangerous?

With a Galactic Average price of 13,527 credits, Palladium is one of the most expensive commodities and also has one of the highest possible profit margins.

Is trading profitable elite dangerous?

Trading has always been one of the core pillars of the Elite experience, and while the profitability of the profession doesn’t seem quite as strong this time around, there’s still plenty of cash to be made if you can track down the best trade routes.

How do I get Elite Trader rank?

Trader Elite icon Trader rank is gained by selling commodities either legitimately or via smuggling, or by successfully completing missions that involve hauling commodities (space trucking). Missions can be more beneficial than normal trading because they reward faction reputation and trade rank in addition to credits.

Where is the void Opal?

Although Void Opals can be found inside asteroids in any icy rings, which occur fairly commonly throughout the galaxy, the locations with the highest concentrations are Void Opal Hotspots within high-mass icy rings orbiting Gas Giants.

How do I send data to EDDB?

Find your profile in the list and click “edit”. Make sure the “EDDN” setting is ticked. This causes EDDiscovery to post your *anonymous” scans/station info/commodities/shipyard/modules at station to the EDDN PUBLIC API that anyone (including EDSM/EDDB) can “hook” into and get your data.

Where can I mine tritium elite dangerous?

It can be purchased from Starports with a Refinery economy, or mined from surface and sub-surface deposits on icy asteroids.

What do you do as a trader in Elite Dangerous?

Trader is one of those ranks, which is based on cargo-hauling missions, mining, and buying and selling commodities at station docks. Trader space trading has always been one of the core pilot roles in Elite ever since Acornsoft released the original 1980s game. Here are some Elite Dangerous: Horizons trading tips for becoming an elite trader pilot.

What do you do in Elite Dangerous Horizons?

Elite Dangerous: Horizons is a space flight game in which players engage in trading, combat, and exploration to enhance four pilot ranks. It’s somewhat easier to become an elite pilot by utilizing the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons.

Are there any third party tools for Elite Dangerous?

It’s somewhat easier to become an elite pilot by utilizing the best third-party tools for Elite Dangerous: Horizons. There are numerous third-party tools, typically incorporated within websites and software, that can be invaluable for ED pilots. Elite Dangerous: Horizons ’ third-party tools are mainly databases for that game.

How to make a profit in Elite Dangerous?

Looking to turn a profit Commander? Our Elite: Dangerous trading tool helps you make the most out of each trip. Enter your current location and your destination to find the best commodities to trade. You can also set a maximum buy price per tonne to fit your budget and ship size.