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What is the command for copy in CMD?

What is the command for copy in CMD?


  • Type: Internal (1.0 and later)
  • Syntax: COPY [/Y|-Y] [/A][/B] [d:][path]filename [/A][/B] [d:][path][filename] [/V]
  • Purpose: Copies or appends files. Files can be copied with the same name or with a new name.
  • Discussion. COPY is usually used to copy one or more files from one location to another.
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Can I copy my files from command prompt?

You can use the copy command from the command line to copy files. copy c:\myfile. txt d: The above command would copy the file “myfile.

How copy files and move in CMD?

To move one or more files: MOVE [/Y | /-Y] [drive:][path]filename1[,…] destination [drive:][path]filename1 Specifies the location and name of the file or files you want to move. destination Specifies the new location of the file. Destination can consist of a drive letter and colon, a directory name, or a combination.

How do you repeat a command in CMD?

While at the MS-DOS prompt or in the Windows command line you can quickly repeat any previously entered command and view a history of commands using the arrow keys. For example, if you previously used the dir command to list the files in the current directory press the up arrow key to repeat that command.

What does B mean in CMD?

If /b directs the command interpreter to read the number of bytes specified by the file size in the directory. /b is the default value for copy, unless copy combines files. If /b precedes or follows a list of files on the command line, it applies to all listed files until copy encounters /a.

How do you copy using Xcopy?

Press F if you want the file or files to be copied to a file. Press D if you want the file or files to be copied to a directory. You can suppress this message by using the /i command-line option, which causes xcopy to assume that the destination is a directory if the source is more than one file or a directory.

What is the Command Prompt for?

What is the Command Prompt. In Windows operating systems, the Command Prompt is a program that emulates the input field in a text-based user interface screen with the Windows Graphical User Interface (GUI). It can be used to execute entered commands and perform advanced administrative functions.

Is move faster than copy C++?

Copy versus move semantic: The differences between the copy and move semantic are huge. That holds, in particular, true for the associative containers. std::string: The std::string on Linux behaves strangely. On one hand, copying is very fast; on the other hand, moving is only 16 times faster than copying.

How do I move multiple files in CMD?


  1. Open a Command Prompt window at your desired location : hold Shift, right-click in the folder, and select “Open command window here.”
  2. Extract all filenames including path by entering the command: dir /s /b >move.bat and press Enter.
  3. Goto NotePad and Open move.bat (to open select: view all file types)

How do you copy a file using command line?

Copy Specific File via Command Prompt. 1. Press Windows + R key combination (or click Start) to start Run. 2. Type cmd and hit OK in the box to launch Command Prompt. 3. At the prompt, type copy c:\\workfile.txt d: and press Enter to copy the file named “workfile.txt” on the root of C drive to D drive root.

What is the command to copy a file?

You can also copy files using keyboard shortcuts by following these steps. Highlight the files you want to copy. Press the keyboard shortcut Command + C. Move to the location you want to move the files and press Command + V to copy the files.

How to copy a directory or folder?

Microsoft Windows Locate and highlight the folder you want to copy. Right-click the folder and select Copy, or click Edit and then Copy. Move to the location you want to place the folder and all its contents, and right-click and select Paste, or click Edit and then Paste.

What is DOS copy command?

MS-DOS and Windows command line copy command. The copy command allows users to copy one or more files to an alternate location. The copy command is used for complete files, if you want to copy a directory, or multiple directories containing files, use the robocopy or xcopy command.