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What is the poem Le Pont Mirabeau about?

What is the poem Le Pont Mirabeau about?

Legend has it that “Le Pont Mirabeau” was inspired by the rupture between Apollinaire and the female painter Marie Laurencin, because he had to cross the Mirabeau bridge to go see her. In an ultra modern form, with short verses, a refrain that repeats throughout the poem like a song, and without punctuation.

What style is Pont Mirabeau?

A cappella Lionel Daunais, a Canadian composer and a contemporary of Poulenc, wrote this evocative choral work in an Impressionistic style.

When was Le Pont Mirabeau poem?

In 1912, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire published “Le Pont Mirabeau” in the journal Les Soirées de Paris; a year later the poem appeared in his collection Alcools.

Which of the following are themes of Le Pont Mirabeau?

The second poem of the collection, “Le Pont Mirabeau,” seems at first glance to be much more traditional both in its form and its themes of time passing and unhappy love.

Who wrote Le Pont Mirabeau?

Guillaume Apollinaire
The Mirabeau Bridge/Authors

Where is the Mirabeau Bridge?

Pont Mirabeau/Location

Visiting Pont Mirabeau in Paris You will find the Pont Mirabeau bridge spanning the river from the 15th Arrondissement on left bank by the Rue de la Convention and Place Mirabeau going over to the 16th Arrondissement and the Rue de Remusat heading towards the Place Paul Beauregard on the right bank.

Where is the Pont Mirabeau?

Pont Mirabeau/Location

How slow life is how violent Hope is?

Quote by Guillaume Apollinaire: “How slow life is, how violent hope is.”

Where is Le Pont Mirabeau located?

Paris, France
The pont Mirabeau in Paris was built between 1895 and 1897….

Pont Mirabeau
Coordinates 48°50′48.09″N 02°16′31.85″E
Crosses River Seine
Locale Paris, France
Next upstream Pont de Grenelle