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What is the rarest Pez dispenser?

What is the rarest Pez dispenser?

One of the rarest of all Pez Disney dispensers is Mary Poppins, which released in 1973 and has no “feet.” There are two variants, one with painted cheeks and one without. The non-painted version is worth around $750, while the model with some blush will put some more green in (or out of) your pocket.

What Pez dispenser is the most valuable?

Santa Claus is the highest-selling Pez dispenser, since it was created in 1955. 3. The most expensive Pez dispenser sold for $13,000. It was a political donkey made in 1961.

How do I know if my Pez dispenser is valuable?

According to their site, “You can tell how old a Pez dispenser is by looking at the Patent Number on the side of a Pez Stem. If the Patent Number reads: 2,620,061 then it was produced from 1952-1968. If the Patent Number reads: 3,410,455 then it was produced from 1968-1974.

Are PEZ dispensers worth any money?

But nearly all Pez without feet bring at least $10 or more. And, one in three from the 1960s are worth $100. Also valuable – up to $5,000 – are dispensers with a shooting star on the side instead of the Pez name. To be valuable to a collector, Pez dispensers must work and be in perfect condition.

What is the oldest PEZ dispenser?

The first PEZ dispenser with this anatomy was a witch introduced at Halloween in 1957. The next year, the company struck gold with its first licensing deal for a Popeye dispenser.

Are PEZ dispensers worth more in the package?

While modern dispensers may also be worth more left in their packaging, they can be displayed more easily when opened, so the choice is yours. Lastly, it is not advisable to buy a PEZ dispenser that has been altered in any way from its original design.

Are PEZ dispensers valuable?

But nearly all Pez without feet bring at least $10 or more. And, one in three from the 1960s are worth $100. If you have a “Make-a-Face” Pez on its original card you can put a whopping $2,500 in your pocket.

Do people still collect PEZ dispensers?

Today, thousands of people worldwide collect PEZ dispensers and merchandise, and there is an international community for buying, trading, and selling all things PEZ.

What makes Pez dispensers valuable?

“More than 250 different heads have been used and collectors pay outrageously for the right ones,” says Hyman. The secret of finding valuable Pez dispensers is simple, says Hyman. In the mid-1980s, feet were added to make the characters stand up better. Pez with feet seldom have much value.

When did they start putting feet on Pez dispensers?

In the late 1980’s, Pez started to put “feet” on their Pez dispensers so they would stand up better. The “No Feet” Pez are considered “vintage,” and are very desired by Pez collectors.

Are old PEZ dispensers worth money?