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What is the true story behind Lawless?

What is the true story behind Lawless?

Novelist Matt Bondurant’s family has taken its place in gangster lore with the recent release of “Lawless,” an independent film based on the true story of the “Bondurant Boys,” his grandfather Jack and great uncles Howard and Forrest Bondurant, brothers whose moonshine operation was so prolific reporters and federal …

Was Forrest Bondurant a real person?

James Forrest Bondurant (21 November 1901-4 December 1965) was an American Prohibition-era gangster and one of the three Bondurant brothers of Franklin County, Virginia. He was the gang’s de facto leader during the 1930s, despite being the middle brother.

What happened to Howard Bondurant?

He found work at the textile mills in Martinsville, where he died in 1968 at the age of 70.

Who was the oldest Bondurant brothers?

Jason Clarke plays Howard, the eldest brother, a relentlessly violent character who is the Bondurant clan’s enforcer

  • Tom Hardy.
  • Lawless supplement.

Did Jack Bondurant marry Bertha?

Jack married Bertha in 1933 and had three sons and two daughters with her, and he went on to run his father’s farm, raise cattle, and grow tobacco. Jack outlived both of his brothers, who died in the 1960s, and Jack died in Martinsville in 2000 at the age of 90.

Who was cricket in lawless?

Dane DeHaan
While the actor who plays Cricket loses himself seamlessly in the role, viewers may still get the sense that they’ve seen him somewhere before. They’d be right. The actor is Dane DeHaan, a veteran of both stage and screen who has earned rave reviews for his impressive range of performances.

Did Forrest Bondurant marry Maggie?

Maggie considered returning to Chicago, but Forrest convinced her to stay and gave her a spare room, and they began a relationship. In 1933, she and Forrest were married, but they had no children. Her husband died in an accident in 1965, and she died in Pittsylvania County, Virginia in 1992 at the age of 87.

Where is Forrest Bondurant buried?

James Forrest Bondurant

Birth 21 Nov 1901 Franklin County, Virginia, USA
Death 4 Dec 1965 (aged 64) Roanoke, Roanoke City, Virginia, USA
Burial Roselawn Burial Park Martinsville, Martinsville City, Virginia, USA
Memorial ID 82930249 · View Source

What is the religion in lawless?

It is described as a “Dunkard” church in the the book, and I think this means (for Franklin County, Virginia) Old German Baptist Brethren. It’s possible that they sang out of the Harmonia Sacra, but this is more associated with their Anabaptist cousins, the Mennonites.

Did Forrest and Maggie Bondurant have children?

What are Anabaptists called today?

Today the descendants of the 16th century European movement (particularly the Baptists, Amish, Hutterites, Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Brethren in Christ) are the most common bodies referred to as Anabaptist.

Who died in lawless 2012?

Rakes is shot in the chest by Jack Bondurant and then stabbed in the back with a knife by Howard Bondurant, after failing to make his escape.

What was the inspiration for the movie Lawless?

The book “The Wettest County in the World” was the inspiration for the movie “Lawless.” Based on the book, “The Wettest County in the World,” author Matt Bondurant spins a tale of his grandfather and grand-uncles, who are bootleggers in Franklin County, Virginia during Prohibition.

Who are the main characters in Lawless based on?

The characters of Jack, Forrest, and Howard Bondurant are based on the real relatives of the author of the novel, Matt Bondurant. The former is based on his paternal grandfather, while the latter two characters are modeled after his grand-uncles.

What was the real story behind Lawless by Matt Bondurant?

We know that the Bondurant Boys arrived at the Maggodee Creek Bridge on a snowy winter day and found a roadblock waiting for them. The ensuing confrontation ended with Dep. Charley Rakes shooting my grandfather in the chest at close range, then Forrest in the stomach as he went to his brother’s aid.

What was the rating for the movie Lawless?

“Lawless” is rated R for sex and violence. It’s certainly violent, with plenty of gunfights and blood (and no one wants to be on the end of Forrest Bondurant’s brass knuckles or switch blade), though several scenes help add to the Bondurant boys’ legacy of being indestructible.