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What is the vision of Pune Municipal Corporation?

What is the vision of Pune Municipal Corporation?

The Pune Municipal Corporation strives to consistently provide citizen centric information, services and platforms to enhance the city’s performance and quality of life. Our vision is to be a reflection of Pune’s rich, youthful, vivacious and mindful citizenry. My heartfelt gratitude and best wishes to all.

Who is sconce and what do we do?

Sconce is a leading digital transformation services and solutions provider. We serve a wide range of industry verticals with our digital engineering and manufacturing services and solutions. Since 2001, we have helped many Fortune 1000 companies maximize the value of their PLM (including ALM, SLM, MCAD & ECAD) technology investments.

Where can I find sconce digital transformation consulting?

We have developed IPs for OEMs. Our flagship product SBS (shape based search) is PLM and MCAD agnostic and is patented. We have global footprint with offices in USA, Canada, Italy, Germany, Japan, Singapore and India.

Which is the flagship product of sconce Inc?

Our flagship product SBS is PLM and MCAD agnostic. Improve user adoption and productivity through our intuitive digital engineering and manufacturing apps. Sconce provides turnkey consulting and project implementation services for manufacturing companies using leading digital engineering and manufacturing software in the market.

Which is the largest municipal corporation in India?

The total area of the PMC would be around 485 sq km making it the municipal corporation with the largest area in the state. To serve citizens better, PMC has taken initiative for e-Governance.

Which is the best pollution abatement in Pune?

Pollution Abatement of River Mula – Mutha in Pune (JICA… Click here for more information.. Click here for more information. Pune municipal corporation department of Disaster management for the year 2021-2022 announced work and contact planning-related guidelines.

Is there danger to old structures in Pune?

During rainy season, there is possibility of imminent danger to old structures in Pune Municipal Corporation area. Also there is possibility of life threatening to citizens staying in such structures. To avoid such dangerous situation all vigilant owner / developers / concerned residences are needed to inspect such old structures.

Where is the waste to green energy project in Pune?

It has led to the piling up of garbage and rejected material being dumped in the open in the plant’s backyard, close to residential areas. Activists have demanded that the project be scrutinised by an experts’ committee.