What is Those who Save Us about?

What is Those who Save Us about?

An estranged mother and daughter reunite to confront their family’s role in World War II in this harrowing, unforgettable novel about lost love and inherited shame. For fifty years, Anna Schlemmer refused to talk about her life in Germany during World War II.

Who wrote Those who Save Us?

Jenna Blum
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Jenna Blum has approached this topic in an innovative, heart-rending novel. Because of the Holocaust, many of us have lost family, or our friends have, or they are survivors. Rarely does one think of the cost to the German citizens during the war.

Is those who are saved a true story?

The extraordinary story of a young Polish girl who saved 13 Jews from the Germans during the Holocaust, including her future husband, is the subject of a new novel. When the Germans and Soviets invaded Poland in 1939, Stefania was just 14 years old and working in a grocery store owned by the Diamants, a Jewish family.

Who are those that are saved?

Those Who Are Saved is Alexis Landau’s ambitious follow-up to her equally ambitious debut novel, The Empire of the Senses, a finalist for a National Jewish Book Award in 2015. Few first novelists attempt historical fiction with the sweep of Landau’s. But she has now written two such books.

Who is the author of those who save us?

JENNA BLUM is the New York Times and internationally bestselling author of novels THOSE WHO SAVE US (Harcourt, 2004), THE STORMCHASERS (Dutton, 2010), and THE LOST FAMILY (Harper Collins, 2018).

What happens in those who save us by Jenna Blum?

Driven by the guilt of her heritage, Trudy, now a professor of German history, begins investigating the past and finally unearths the dramatic and heartbreaking truth of her mother’s life.

Who are the characters in those who save us?

Community Reviews. In Those Who Save Us, author Jenna Blum (a former Steven Spielberg/Shoah Foundation historian, who interviewed Holocaust Survivors) tells the story of Anna, a young German girl who falls in love with a Jew; and her daughter, Trudy, the love child of Anna and her Jewish love.

Who is Trudy in those who save us?

Her daughter, Trudy, was only three when she and her mother were liberated by an American soldier and went to live with him in Minnesota. Trudy’s sole evidence of the past is an old photograph: a family portrait showing Anna, Trudy, and a Nazi officer, the Obersturmfuhrer of Buchenwald.