What is usage tracking in Obiee 11g?

What is usage tracking in Obiee 11g?

Usage tracking in OBIEE 12c is very similar to that in 11g, which enables mainly administrative users to track all reports being run and queries fired to the database. It is also very helpful in identifying and analyzing objects that require better query performance.

How do I turn on usage tracking in Obiee?

OBIEE 11g Usage Tracking Setup

  1. Log into EM.
  2. Select WebLogic Domain>bifoundation_domain from the left navigation pane.
  3. Click the WebLogic Domain drop-down list in the right pane.
  4. Select System MBean Browser from the list.
  5. Expand Application Defined MBeans>oracle.
  6. Expand bifoundation_domain.
  7. Lock the domain to update it.

What is usage tracking?

Usage Tracking is a SmartDocs feature that tells you where your snippets are being used and tracked. Usage Tracking is designed to work on a document-by-document basis. The following tools are available to content managers. Snippet Usage Report. Current Document Report.

How to configure Usage Tracking in obiee 12c?

OBIEE 12c: Configure Usage Tracking

  1. Open the repository in online mode.
  2. Import the S_NQ_ACCT and the S_NQ_DB_ACCT table from the RCU schema.
  3. In the NQSConfig.
  4. Import the following tables to track query statistics related to the initialization block execution and the summary advisor feature:

How do I enable writeback in OBIEE 12c?

Open the saved analysis > table view > edit view > Table view property > Write Back tab > Select enable Write Back and provide the name as wb_prod_attribute (Saved WebMessage name in the xml). Save the Analysis. With this step, we have completed the configuration of Write Back in OBIEE.

How do I turn off data usage tracker?

Navigate to your settings menu and find “Data usage”. Click that, and you’ll be sent to the data usage menu. You’ll see an on/off switch next to where it reads Mobile Data.

How do I enable write back in Obiee 11g?

What is the Obiee write back?

“Writeback” – presenting an Answers interface so that users can update data in database tables or insert new rows – first appeared in version 7.8. 4. To use OBIEE’s writeback capabilities, there are several set up steps.

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How do I enable write back in OBIEE 11g?

Why do we need usage tracking in obiee?

Usage Tracking is used to monitor system and ad-hoc query performance and to provide input on usage trends for use in billing users and departments for resources. Usage tracking is particularly useful in determining user queries that are creating performance bottlenecks, based on query frequency and response time.

What is the subject area of obiee 11g?

OBIEE 11g provides a sample RPD with a Usage Tracking subject area. The subject area will report on configuration and changes to the RPD as well as configuration changes to Enterprise Manager.

Is there way to track obiee usage in syslog?

Enabling OBIEE Usage Tracking and Logging is a key part of most any security strategy. More information on these topics can be found in the whitepaper references below. It is very easy to setup logging such that a centralized logging solution such as SYSLOG or Splunk can receive OBIEE activity.

How to configure obiee logging for RPD?

To configure OBIEE logging, the BI Admin client tool is used to set the overall default log level for the RPD as well as identify specific users to be logged. The log level can differ among users. No logging is possible for a role.