What kind of paint do you use on RC bodies?

What kind of paint do you use on RC bodies?

Enamel Or Acrylic Paint For an overall paint job on the RC body, you should consider using enamel or acrylic paints as they tend to provide the best end result for most users. Both paint types bond well to the materials used to construct RC cars such as Lexan, metal, fiberglass, carbon fiber, and more.

Can you paint the outside of a RC body?

You can paint the outside of the body, but prepping it is important. Paint doesn’t stick to anything “shiney”. It needs to be sanded or scuffed so the paint sticks. 2000 grit, or gray Scotchbrite pads work.

What kind of paint do you use on Lexan body?

Lexan accepts most acrylic paints well and cleanup is simple. Airbrushing is the most efficient and fastest way to paint Lexan plastic quickly and evenly. Applying acrylic paint to Lexan helps protect the surface from both ultraviolet light and water corrosion.

Can you spray paint an RC body?

There are many types of spray paint. Some RC body painters recommend only using those products developed specifically for use on Lexan or other polycarbonate plastic used to make RC bodies. Your first time out, you should probably stick with spray paints made for plastic RC bodies, such as Tamiya or Pactra.

Can you paint the outside of Lexan RC body?

Lexan bodies are to be painted on the inside. The outside of the body has a removable peel coat to protect the body from scratches and paint overspray. The body must be washed thoroughly with dish soap and water to remove any grease or oil (i.e. fingerprints) which may keep the paint from adhering to it.

What kind of paint do you use on Lexan?

Can you use normal spray paint on lexan?

Scuff the Painting Surface While not a step that everyone uses, spray paint—especially kinds not specifically formulated for use on Lexan RC bodies—it will often adhere better if you scuff the body. Use very fine sandpaper or steel wool to lightly, and we mean lightly, scratch the surface to be spray painted.