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What movies has Max Schneider been in?

What movies has Max Schneider been in?

Love & Mercy2014The Last Keepers2013Checked Out
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What was Max on Nickelodeon?

How to Rock
Maxwell George “Max” Schneider (born June 21, 1992) is an American singer, dancer, actor, model and musician. He began performing at the age of three, and he hasn’t stopped ever since. Now as of today Max Schneider is on the hit Nickelodeon television series How to Rock.

What is Max Schneider known for?

Max Schneider is an American teen actor, singer, dancer, musician, and model. He is best known for his role of Zander Robbins on the Nickelodeon series How to Rock. He received the role of Charlie Prince in Rags.

What did Max Schneider act in?

He portrayed Zander in the Nickelodeon TV series How to Rock. He also sold a song to the show called “Last 1 Standing”, co-written by Matt Wong and Claire Demorest, which is featured in 2 episodes of the series. Schneider also starred in the Nickelodeon original film Rags as Charlie Prince, the lead role in the film.

Does MAX have a wife?

Emily Schneiderm. 2016
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What is MAX real name?

Maxwell George Schneider
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Does Max have a wife?

Who is the girl in blueberry eyes song?

Max Schneider
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What is Max real name?

Who is Max Schneider’s wife?

Are MAX and Emily still together below deck?

Unfortunately, Max and Emily broke up for a brief period of time after the charter season ended.

Is Sam and Max a couple?

Sam and Max are apparently married. You see this during the recap at the beginning of the first episode, with Sam as the bride and Max as the groom. This is never mentioned again, although you do see a wedding photo in the background of “The Final Episode.” It might have just been a throwaway gag, but still.