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What order do the Lorien Legacies go in?

What order do the Lorien Legacies go in?

Lorien Legacies Series Suggested Reading Order

  • I Am Number Four: book 1.
  • Six’s Legacy: novella 1.
  • The Power of Six: book 2.
  • Nine’s Legacy: novella 2.
  • The Fallen Legacies: novella 3.
  • The Rise of Nine: book 3.
  • The Last Days of Lorien: novella 5.
  • The Search for Sam: novella 4.

What order should I read I am Number Four?

First in the series is “I Am Number Four” which creates a background of who the Loriens are, their origin and their journey to the earth. It is then followed by The Power of Six, The rise of nine, The fall of five, The revenge of Seven and The fate of Ten respectively.

How many legacies books are there?

4 Books
Legacies Book Series (4 Books)

Why didn’t they make more I Am Number 4 movies?

In 2011, screenwriter Noxon told Collider.com that plans for an imminent sequel were shelved due to the disappointing performance of the first installment at the box office.

Do Number 4 and Number 6 get together?

4 and 6: The pair of numbers 4 and 6 is quite apt for each other. They are an ideal couple who manage and act well in accordance with one another. In this combination, the number 6 tends to take the lead and would want to be the provider and caretaker in this relationship.

Is there a sequel of I Am Number 4?

The Power of Six is the second book in the Lorien Legacies book series. It starts after the end of the first book in the series, I am number four, and without spoiling too much, you learn the back story of 7 and some of them meet up again. The mogadorians are on their tail.

Is I Am Number Four a TV series?

I Am Number Four is an upcoming YouTube series created and produced by Studio 7.

Was I Am Number Four a flop?

“I Am Number Four” failed to impress film critics. The film made back almost triple its $60 million production budget but was largely seen as a flop due to overwhelmingly negative reviews. Due to “I Am Number Four’s” poor critical performance, plans for more “Lorien Legacies” installments were put on hold indefinitely.

What does a 4 mean in numerology?

Numerology Number 4 Personality. They solid, stable and confident individuals. However, they are too cozy in their own world and hate to adapt to change. Because of this they may seem super slow too many and thinking on the feet is not one of their virtues.

What life path number is compatible with 6?

Life path number 6 represents responsibility and consciousness and those people born with life path 6 tend to be amazing care givers and leaders….Numerology compatibility of life path 6.

Life path numerology compatibility: Love rating out of 3:
Life path 6 and life path 5
Life path 6 and life path 6

Is there a 2nd I am number 4?

There has been little talk of an I Am Number Four sequel in the years since. Considering the amount of time that’s passed since the release of the first movie, a direct follow-up is unlikely.

How many books are in the Lorien Legacies series?

Six books are planned in the series. Below is a list of Pittacus Lore’s Lorien Legacies books in order of when they were first published (which is aslo their chronological order): Publication Order of Lorien Legacies Books Publication Order of I Am Number Four: The Lost Files Books

When did the last days of Lorien come out?

Publication Order of I Am Number Four: The Lost Files Books Six’s Legacy (2011) Nine’s Legacy (2012) The Fallen Legacies (2012) The Search for Sam (2012) The Last Days of Lorien (2013)

How old are the aliens in order of Lorien?

The series follows nine aliens who appear to be human that were brought to Earth when they were six year-olds. Their purpose is to allow their powers to develop and then return home to their home planet, Lorien. The series picks up when they are teenagers.

What kind of powers do the people of Lorien have?

This would already be enough for most of the population, but the residents of Lorien are also born with additional powers that are called legacies. Invisibility, the power to control the elements, the capacity of talking to animals, telekinesis, invulnerability to heat and cold are just a few of these legacies.