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What really happened to Doc Holliday?

What really happened to Doc Holliday?

— On Nov. 8, 1887, John Henry “Doc” Holliday died of tuberculosis in a rented room at the Hotel Glenwood in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The fact is, despite his fame and notoriety, the gambler, gunfighter, dentist and friend of Wyatt Earp left this earth destitute.

Was Doc Holliday a surgeon or a dentist?

Doc Holliday, Dentist of the Old West Prior to his exploits as a famed gunfighter, Holliday had established himself as a dentist in his home state of Georgia.

Did Doc Holliday have a cleft palate?

Born with a cleft palate, Holliday had undergone corrective surgery, but his speech needed considerable work. Ever mindful of her son’s condition and what others might say of his birth condition or the way he talked, she spent hours working with him to correct his speech.

How long did Doc Holliday live with tuberculosis?

As has been reported, Holliday was physically impaired by his consumption disease throughout his 14 years as a professional gambler on the Western Frontier.

What did Doc Holliday drink?

Old Overholt Rye Whiskey Essential Facts The whiskey was supposedly the drink of choice for Doc Holliday, infamous gunfighter and gambler.

Did Doc Holliday drink alcohol?

Much has been written about “Doc’s” alcohol intake including references to his being intoxicated at times and drinking up to 4 quarts of whiskey per day. He is called an alcoholic by several writers.

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