What should I say to my ex on our anniversary?

What should I say to my ex on our anniversary?

Thank you for being everything I needed at that point in my life. Thank you for having the strength to walk away, stay away and not make this any harder than it already is. Thank you for living your life and for doing what makes you happy. There will always be a special place for you in my heart.

How do you say happy anniversary in unique way?


  1. “Wishing a perfect pair a perfectly happy day.”
  2. “Here’s to another year of being great together!”
  3. “Anniversary cheers!”
  4. “Happy [21st] anniversary, you old lovebirds!”
  5. “Hope you find time to look back on all your sweet memories together.”
  6. “Always knew you two had something special.”

Should you break up before or after anniversary?

Newsflash: There is no “right time” for a breakup. If your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or their birthday is coming up and you’re worried about how a split might affect them or you want to partake in the celebration, it’s actually kinder to just get it over with.

What is the anniversary of a breakup called?

So “Heartbreak Anniversary” is just the anniversary of a heartbreak. Say you guys are heartbroken on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. Every time Valentine’s Day comes around you kinda revisit the pain and revisit the sorrow. So with this song, I tried to make pain sound beautiful.

What can I say to my husband on our anniversary?

Anniversary Quotes for Husband

  • “The most wonderful thing I decided to do was to share my life and heart with you.” –
  • “We may not have it all together but, together we have it all.” –
  • “A strong marriage rarely has two strong people at the same time.
  • “He’s more myself than I am.
  • “Thank you for being you.

How do I acknowledge my anniversary when separated?

Write him a card expressing your thoughts and feelings about what you love about marriage and why this anniversary meant something to you. You might share your hopes for what could have been. You might even share your disappointment in his choices that led to this current situation.

Is there a bad time to break up?

While there is never a good time for a breakup, certain times are certainly worse than others. Usually, we experts recommend not making a major life change during a crisis. While a pandemic qualifies as a crisis, given that this is not abating any time soon, it’s no longer healthy to use as a delay tactic.

What’s the best way to say Happy Anniversary?

Cheers to your special day. Happy Anniversary! It’s time to celebrate all over again. Happy Anniversary! Here’s wishing you another year of true love. Happy Anniversary! Warm wishes to you on your marriage milestone. Happy Anniversary! Here’s to another love-filled year together. Happy Anniversary!

What are some good quotes for one year anniversary?

1 One year down; the rest of our lives to go. 2 May this year be merely the first of many great ones to come. 3 May this special day be the first year of many. 4 Here’s to 365 days marriage #IRL. 5 365 days later, and I’m still crazy for you. 6 Only one year in and you’re making Mr. and Mrs. look easy.

Is the wedding anniversary a milestone in marriage?

The wedding may long be over, but each passing year in marriage is still a milestone worthy of celebration. Among the many memorable moments for couples—where they met, their first date, their first kiss—their wedding day rises to the top.

Is it etiquette to not send anniversary wishes?

Technically, etiquette doesn’t require you to send anniversary wishes—with a few exceptions, that is. Obviously, spouses should remember the big day lest they want to spend the night in the proverbial dog house.