What station is Bluesville on Sirius XM?

What station is Bluesville on Sirius XM?

channel 74
B.B. King’s Bluesville can be heard on channel 74 on Sirius XM Radio.

Can I make a playlist on Sirius?

SiriusXM will finally let some subscribers create personalized music stations with Pandora, nearly six months after it acquired the streaming music company. Select subscribers will now have access to unlimited streaming on multiple devices as well as more than 100 curated “Xtra” music channels.

What is Xmplaylist?

xmplaylist – Recently played songs and playlists from xm radio.

How do I get my song played on XM Radio?

If you have created music you believe the world wants to hear, try submitting it to SiriusXM’s Music Programming Department. Alternatively, you can try more informal channels through contacts at the satellite service’s different stations. Make sure to have a professionally polished recording, cover letter and package.

What are the jazz stations on Sirius XM?

Real Jazz is a Sirius XM Satellite Radio station devoted to traditional jazz, contemporary jazz and bebop music. It can be heard on XM channel 67 (previously it was on 70), Sirius channel 67 (previously 72) and Dish Network channel 6072….Real Jazz.

Website SiriusXM: Real Jazz

Does SiriusXM have an indie station?

SiriusXMU (formerly XMU, and known as Sirius U on Sirius Canada, although Sirius receivers list it as Sirius XM U) is an indie pop, indie rock, unsigned artist music channel on XM Satellite Radio channel 35 (previously 43). The Wall Street Journal has described XMU as “XM’s alternative-music channel”. …

What’s the difference between XM and Sirius?

Telling the Difference Between Sirius and XM Radios Just turn the unit over and look for the serial number. If the serial number has 12 digits, it’s a Sirius unit. XM radios, on the other hand, have eight-digit serial numbers. The only exception is newer SiriusXM units, which also have eight digits.

Is XM free right now?

Sirius XM Is Completely Free Right Now.

What kind of music is in Bluesville?

All the Blues and nothing but the Blues. The mother of American music, the Blues is about life – the good, the bad, and the ugly. Hear every age and genre of the Blues represented in Bluesville. Now powered by The Blues Foundation.

What’s the name of the Blues Channel on Sirius?

B.B. King’s channel for authentic blues from the past to the present. B.B. King’s channel for authentic blues from the past to the present. B.B. King’s channel for authentic blues from the past to the present.

What is the channel for BB Kings Bluesville?

BB King’s Bluesville B.B. King’s Blues Channel Channel 74