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What suburb is Pinnaroo in?

What suburb is Pinnaroo in?


Postcode Suburb Category
5304 PINNAROO, SA Delivery Area

What does the word Pinnaroo mean?

Pinnaroo. Corruption of an Aboriginal word meaning “limestone”, although some sources claim it means “resting place” or “boss man”.

How many people in Pinnaroo?

At the 2016 census, the locality of Pinnaroo had a population of 712 of which 547 lived in and around its town centre.

What’s at pinnaroo?

Things to see

  • Golden Grain Hotel. Built in 1906 this is the oldest hotel in town.
  • Pinnaroo Letterpress Printing Museum.
  • The Farm Machinery Museum.
  • History Museum.
  • D.A. Wurfel Cereal Collection.
  • Gum Family Collection.
  • Environs.
  • Tourist information.

What is the population of lameroo?

Lameroo, South Australia

Lameroo South Australia
Population 852 (locality) (2016 census) 562 (urban centre) (2016 census)
Established 17 November 1904 (town) 2 August 1999 (locality)
Postcode(s) 5302
Elevation 98 m (322 ft)(railway station)

What region is Murray Bridge in?

Murraylands Region
Location and boundaries The Rural City of Murray Bridge is located in the Murraylands Region of South Australia, about 80 kilometres south-east of the Adelaide CBD.

What does Kalgoorlie mean in English?

The name “Kalgoorlie” is derived from the Wangai word Karlkurla or Kulgooluh, meaning “place of the silky pears”. The city was established in 1893 during the Western Australian gold rushes.

What is there to do in lameroo?

Essential Lameroo

  • Murrayville Museum. Points of Interest & Landmarks.
  • Pioneer Park. History Museums.
  • Coonalpyn Silos. Architectural Buildings, Monuments & Statues.
  • Kow Plains Homestead. Historic Sites.

Is Murray Bridge Safe?

We feel safe everywhere during the day, but wouldn’t walk the streets at night. The park by the river is excellent with a playground for the kids and free barbecues, too bad their are so many flies and mosquito’s you need to cook twice as much.

Why is it called Murray Bridge?

It was later known as Mobilong and later as Edwards Crossing, before being renamed as Murray Bridge in 1924, deriving its name from the road and railway crossings over the Murray River. The city is situated on the Princes Highway, the main road transport link between Adelaide and Melbourne.

Is Kalgoorlie worth visiting?

Kalgoorlie is not necessarily one of Australia’s most famous travel destinations – it’s a lost town in the middle of the desert. Nevertheless, the mining town of Kalgoorlie has a unique atmosphere that is worth a visit.