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What toilet paper is safe for RV use?

What toilet paper is safe for RV use?

If you wish to stay with an RV-approved toilet paper, Thetford Quick Dissolve, Camco RV, Thetford Aqua-Soft and Scott’s Rapidly Dissolving (with claims that it breaks down 4X faster than other brands) are well-known for dissolving and moving quickly through the RV black tank.

Is Angel Soft toilet paper RV safe?

You can’t just buy any TP for your RV. Angel Soft won’t do – not unless you want to have a huge clog on your hands. RV compatible TP is environmentally friendly, septic-safe, and rapidly dissolves in your holding tank. Regular toilet paper takes a long time to dissolve and is none of the above.

Is septic-safe toilet paper the same as RV toilet paper?

Many residential homes use toilet paper labeled as septic-safe if they have a septic tank sewer system. While RV black tanks are utterly different from a residential septic system, septic-safe toilet paper will generally be safe for RV use.

Should you poop in your RV?

Key Points: You CAN poop in an RV toilet, contrary to many opinions out there. Lots of water is very important when adding solid waste to your holding tanks.

Can you use Costco toilet paper in an RV?

Is Costco Toilet Paper RV Safe? Yes, Costco toilet paper will break down safely for an RV’s toilet, therefore it is safe to use in an RV. However, you should always use toilet paper sparingly to avoid plugging the system with larger clumps of toilet paper.

Is Costco toilet paper safe for RVs?

Yes, Costco toilet paper will break down safely for an RV’s toilet, therefore it is safe to use in an RV. However, you should always use toilet paper sparingly to avoid plugging the system with larger clumps of toilet paper.

Why does my camper smell like poop?

Why your RV smells like poop Sometimes, it’s as simple as clearing a clog or cleaning the toilet area. The smell can be a result of valves left open and waste being allowed to dry out. It’s also a good idea to check the sink drain because it uses a one-way vent or a sewer vent pipe that extends to your RV’s roof.

Can you use regular Scotts toilet paper in an RV?

Scott Rapid-Dissolving Toilet Paper is specially made for use in RVs, boats, buses and similar applications. Scott Rapid-Dissolving toilet paper is Clog Clinic tested and approved to be septic-safe and sewer-safe. Plus, it’s soft, absorbent and gentle on skin.

Is one ply toilet paper OK for RV?

Some RVers say they’ve been on the road for years and have never had an issue with any TP. As long as you keep plenty of liquids in the tank and regularly clean your tanks, you should not have any issues no matter what type of toilet paper you’re using. “RV toilet paper is nothing but cheap one ply at marked up prices.

Can you use 2 ply toilet paper in an RV?

Valterra Q23630 Softness 2-Ply Toilet Tissue. Online reviewers rave about the softness of Valterra toilet paper, and it’s also noted for dissolving well and not leaving and reside behind in RV tanks. The 2-ply sheets are safe for septic systems, boats, and other places as well.

Why does my RV toilet smell like rotten eggs?

But first, what causes RV toilet odor? The nasty odors emanating from your holding tank are a result of “bad” anaerobic bacteria (from your stomach) breaking down the urine and solid waste — toilet paper and poop — inside your holding tank and releasing hydrogen sulfide gas (that horrible rotten egg smell).

What is the best toilet paper for RV?

Best RV Toilet Papers 1. Thetford Aqua-Soft Toilet Tissue 2. Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue 3. Scott Rapid Dissolving Toilet Tissue 4. Firebelly Outfitters Toilet Paper 5. Caboo Tree Free Bamboo Toilet Paper 6. Camco 40275 RV Bathroom Toilet Tissue 7. Valterra Q23630 Softness Toilet Tissue 8. Thetford 20804 RV Tissue Paper

What kind of toilet paper to use in a RV?

you should look for a brand that can keep up with your demands as well as

  • Freedom Living Septic Tank Safe Toilet Tissue. The 2-ply tissue from Freedom Living is one of our favorite toilet papers on the market because they are tough yet soft
  • marine and other purposes.
  • Can that toilet paper work in your RV?

    In fact, many traditional household toilet paper brands will do just fine when used in an RV. Specifically, one-ply versions are well-suited for RV use because they are not as think as the two-ply option. A Quick Test. To test a specific brand of toilet paper for use in your RV, take a couple sheets and place them into a container of water.

    Is RV toilet paper necessary?

    Consequently, the general consensus among RVers and RV experts is that yes, RV toilet paper is a necessary part of being an RVer. Here are some of the most common brands of RV toilet paper.