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What wheels do V8 Supercars use?

What wheels do V8 Supercars use?

The cars use 18 inches (460 mm) control wheels, produced by Rimstock and supplied by Racer Industries, and control tyres from Dunlop.

How much does a V8 Supercar TYRE cost?

WHEELS-TYRES-BRAKES – $18,000 An individual 18-inch wheel costs $600-$700 and the tyres are provided by Dunlop at around $250 each, depending on the compound, tread and usage.

Who makes Supercar wheels?

Each tyre is made by hand at Dunlop’s specialised racing tyre factory and takes more than three hours to manufacture.

What TYRE pressure do V8 Supercars run?

The V8 Supercars Commission, on which the race teams have a majority vote, considered the safety of drivers as the priority to avoid any potential for serious injury. The mandated pressure of 17psi will apply for all Championship events.

How much does it cost to buy a V8?

New engines start at around $4,000 for a 4-cylinder, around $5,500 for a V6 and $7,000 for a V8. Prices increase from these figures based on complexity of the engine and the brand of car.

How much is a supercar worth?

The new regulations will be introduced in 2022 and are designed to reduce entry and ongoing costs to teams. It is estimated a current Gen2-specification Supercar is worth around $600,000 including engine.

Who builds V8 Supercar engines?

Steve Amos has been trusted with producing the DJR engines for more than a decade. Since our inception in 2014, the company has continued a strong relationship with both; DJR and Team Penske as their official engine supplier in the V8 Supercar’s championship, culminating in the Supercars Teams Championship in 2017.

What are supercar wheels made of?

Magnesium is the lightest metallic structural material available. It is 1.5 times less dense than aluminium, so magnesium wheels can be designed to be significantly lighter than aluminium alloy wheels, while exhibiting comparable strength. All competitive racing wheels are now made of magnesium alloy.

What diff ratio do V8 Supercars use?

This year V8 Supercars will be monitoring whether to swap from the 3.15:1 diff ratio to a taller ratio if there are any signs the new Albins transaxle is suffering because of extended time on the rev limiter down Conrod Straight.

What fuel do Supercars use?

The entire Supercars field is fueled with 350,000 litres of our new E85 blend. BP has worked extensively to develop a BP E85 fuel that will be supplied to Supercars and other support racing categories.

What kind of wheels do V8 wheels make?

V8 wheels have created a whole range of wheels built to hit the off-road. They have been manufactured at a higher quality to bring you a strong, load rated wheel that can withstand the punishment you put your wheels through when exploring the rugged Australian outback.

What are the dimensions of a V8 Supercar tyre?

Actual tyre dimensions: 302 mm wide 672 mm overall diameter

What kind of wheel is a V8 Lumiere?

The V8 Lumiere is inspired by luxury, fit for a king. This V8 wheel is a simple but elegant by design, with its thin multi-spoke face accentuated by the reverse lip. This reverse lip is one-of-a-kind, with a step dish in the inner barrels, all touched up with rivets around the edging.

What kind of wheel is the V8 Beast?

The V8 Beast is a simple but tough 4×4 wheel. This wheel features a split spoke design, with a smooth texture that adds a touch of elegance. The design of the V8 Beast is simple and not over-the-top, perfectly suited to the body line of most vehicles.