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What year did Aion come out?

What year did Aion come out?

November 25, 2008
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Is Aion a dead game?

As you can see, Aion is not dead as of July 2020 but has a significant and growing player base. I also did some technical research and discovered that Aion has a 64 bit client for windows 10 and has multi-core processor support.

Is Aion shut down?

Servers shutting down June 19. It looks like Aion: Legions of War is ending according to a new post. Current players will be able to continue playing until 6/19, at which time the game server will officially shut down.

Will Aion classic come to the West?

Good news for MMO players raring to go in Aion Classic: You won’t even need to get out of bed early to do it.

Is Aion Dead 2020?

Yes, Game dead .

Is AION Dead 2020?

Will Aion Classic be P2W?

Stop lying to people, the Korean battle pass is P2W. Aion classic will be p2w in the west if they have a cash shop which 99% chance they will.

Is Aion classic pay to play?

Since Aion Classic is a free-to-play game with a sub model to entice those wanting the convenience and extra experience gain it offers, monetization methods were seemingly always part of the deal here.

Is Tera dead?

TERA is dying and it seems like all Gameforge and Bluehole wants is the money when they can’t make the money due to the fact there’s not enough players and no one is willing to spend the money until it’s gonna be put to actually good use. We appreciate the small events, but that’s just not gonna cut it.

When is the release date for the Aion classic?

Aion brings you a stunning MMORPG you’ll disccover abundant solo adventures, intriguing epic group quests, challenging dungeons and epic battles! Aion Classic | Official Site | Coming June 23, 2021 Experience all the dungeons, zones, and memories that made you fall in love with Atreia.

Is there such thing as real life Aion?

This general rule also applies to abuse of formatting options, or any other manner of attempt to artificially draw attention to any post. These forums are a place for the discussion of Aion, not real life. As such the release or distribution of any real-life information is not allowed, even your own.

What to do if you get banned from the Aion forums?

Any finalized decision may be based on the offending posters full history on the Aion forums. Should you wish to discuss any disciplinary measures against your account, you can email aioncommunity [at] @kibblez from the few that still play on danaria.