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Where are all the graviton cores in Final Fantasy 13 2?

Where are all the graviton cores in Final Fantasy 13 2?

Final Fantasy 13-2 Graviton Core Locations

  • Graviton Core Alpha – New Bodum AF003.
  • Graviton Core Beta – Bresha Ruins AF005.
  • Graviton Core Gamma – Oerba AF200.
  • Graviton Core Delta – Academia AF400.
  • Graviton Core Epsilon – Yascha Massif AF100.
  • Graviton Core Eta – Sunleth Waterscape AF400.
  • Graviton Core Zeta – Oerba AF400.

Where to find Graviton cores?

Gathering the Graviton Cores

  • New Bodhum 003 AF – Graviton Core Alpha. Head south from the meteor crater until you’re about halfway between the Gate and the village.
  • Bresha Ruins 005 AF – Graviton Core Beta.
  • Academia 400 AF – Graviton Core Delta.
  • Yaschas Massif 100 AF – Graviton Core Epsilon.

How do you get Yaschas Massif 100 AF?

Yaschas Massif 100 AF

  1. Start by heading to the command center and check the side of the conference table to find a hidden crate with a ‘Bulb of Hope’.
  2. Return to the Pass of Paddra and talk to Ruby of Grief not far from where the picture frame was for the Siegrune’s Spiritbloom Fragment quest.

How do I get chaos crystal Ffxiii 2?

The Chaos Crystal can be found in Serendipity. It costs 10,000 Casino Coins, or 7,500 with the Bargain Hunter fragment skill, which you’ll get shortly after turning in all the Cores.

Where do you get the graviton core in Final Fantasy?

You need a Chocobo and Moogle Hunt to get it. Right past the long stairs– by the first gate you find– turn back towards the stairs and you can see a “ramp”. Run/jump with a Chocobo to land in a small area and then use Mog to find it in the back corner and you’ll get the Core. You should enter Academia from the Gate just north of New Town.

Where is the fragment of the graviton core?

The Fragment is located in the large area just to the west of the mountain range divider. Note – Chocolina doesn’t sell Gysahl Greens in this location, so come prepared! Once again you will need a Chocobo to reach the Core. Firstly go to the long pathway and look for a broken part of the wall that is near the houses.

Where to find graviton cores in academia 4xx AF?

With at least 5 Graviton Cores in hand, head back to Alyssa in Academia 4XX AF. Return all 5 and watch the ensuing cinematic. When you’re done, head to the Gate southeast of your current location to move on to Episode 5.

Which is the easiest graviton core to find?

Note – The first five entries (Alpha, Beta, Delta, Epsilon, and Gamma) are by far the easiest five to find. If you just want to proceed in the story, we strongly suggest that you go after these ones first. When they’re giving you the locations, the pictures show right where it is.