Where can I find coupon inserts?

Where can I find coupon inserts?

In What Ways Can You Get Coupon Inserts?

  • The Local Sunday Papers. The local Sunday newspapers nearly always have coupon inserts.
  • Recycle Bins. In many cities, coupons are delivered in the U.S. Postal Service mail on a weekday – without the newspaper.
  • Friends and Family.

How do I get coupon inserts mailed to me?

How to Get Coupons Mailed to Your House

  1. Sign Up for Sunday Coupon Inserts.
  2. Register for Birthday Clubs.
  3. Subscribe to Newsletters.
  4. Fill Out Surveys.
  5. Join Loyalty and Rewards Programs.
  6. Receive Flyers or Weekly Ads.
  7. Get Store Grocery Cards.
  8. Contact Companies Directly.

How do you get P and G inserts?

Here are the best places to find Procter & Gamble savings on a weekly basis.

  1. In the Sunday newspaper. The best place to look for P&G inserts is in the Sunday newspaper.
  2. On the Procter & Gamble website. Don’t worry.
  3. On the Procter & Gamble coupon app.
  4. At your neighborhood grocery store.

What newspaper has coupon inserts?

There are three major companies which provide advertising inserts with coupons to most newspapers.

  • SmartSource: Generally advertises in the Sunday newspaper every week.
  • Valassis: Inserts can be found often every other week.
  • PGBrand Saver: Look for the PGBrand Saver usually at the beginning of each month.

How do I get a coupon fairy?

One way of being a coupon fairy is to leave the coupons by the applicable item in the store. Whoever finds the coupon, right next to the item they need, it will feel like magic! You can also give the coupons directly to someone else in the store, revealing yourself to be their coupon fairy.

Can you use coupon on free item at CVS?

Remember that you’re allowed one manufacturer coupon and one CVS coupon per item. This means that for BOGO items, you can use one manufacturer’s coupon and one CVS coupon on the item that you’re “buying” AND one of each coupon on the item that you’re getting for “free”. You can use a BOGO coupon on a BOGO item.

Does Dollar General sell the Sunday paper?

Stores such as Dollar General, Family Dollar and Dollar Tree sell the Sunday newspaper for — well – $1!! This is an easy way to pick up a few more sets of inserts for a really good price. You can also ask friends, family or even your neighbors to save their inserts for you.