Where is Hassa fish from?

Where is Hassa fish from?

Hoplosternum species are found in tropical Central and South America especially in Guyana. It is called “Hassa” by the locals.

Whats Hassa?

a slang term for the South American edible fish Hoplosternum.

What type of fish is Hassa?

freshwater catfish
Hassa is a small genus of freshwater catfish in the Callichthyinae subfamily of the armored catfish family.

Is Hassa a scale fish?

This fish with its own protective armour of two rows of bony plate-like scales is found in fresh water swamps during the dry season. As the water recedes, catching hassar is easy.

Is a cascadura a fresh water fish?

Little did he know then that, years later, he would be rearing and conserving species on a large scale and become one of the first persons to study the cascadura, a freshwater native of South America known as the Hassar in Guyana, and to develop methods for its commercial culture.

What is Cascadoo fish?

So goes the folklore in Trinidad and Tobago about this rare, prized member of the catfish family, known in Guyana and Brazil as hassar and as cascadura or cascadoo in Trinidad and Tobago. …

What is Cascadura fish?

The cascadu, cascadura or brown hoplo has a body covered with tough armour which appears as long rows of bony scales, neatly packed along its sides as though they are intersecting each other for protection (Fig. 1). Hence, the name armoured catfish is also given (Masterson, 2007).

Can you eat Hassa fish?

As the water recedes, catching hassar is easy. Eating hassar for me is all about the bones, I love to suck on them and the head of the hassar is one of the best parts. Once cooked, the outer shell literally slides off the fish to reveal a firm tan-coloured flesh.

What do Cascadura feed on?

FOOD AND FEEDING. Both the young and the mature cascadu are omnivores and scavengers which usually hunt for small food items in the water and soft mud. The majority of their diet consists of aquatic micro-crustacea as well as insects, insect larvae and detritus (Winemiller, 1987).

What is the meaning of Cascadura?

armored catfish
: an armored catfish of the family Callichthyidae.

Where can you find Hassar fish in the world?

According to the Institute of Marine Affairs, hassar, Hoplosternum littorale, is found naturally from northern South America to Central America; it occurs locally in the lower reaches of most of the rivers south of the Northern Range.

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What does Hassa stand for in Saudi Arabia?

Hassa may refer to: Al-Hasa, a traditional oasis region in eastern Saudi Arabia. Hussa bint Ahmed Al Sudairi (1900–1969), one of the favorite wives of King Abdulaziz of Saudi Arabia. Hassa, Hatay, a district of Hatay Province in Turkey. Hoplosternum, slang for a South American edible fish.

How big does a Hassar doradid fish get?

Like other doradids, Hassar species have a row of scutes on each side of their body, though they are more subdued. Hassar species grow to approximately 15.7–25.0 centimetres (6.2–9.8 in) SL. Hassar species are very rarely imported for the aquarium hobby, and the most commonly imported species is H. orestis.