Where is Slovenia in the World?

Where is Slovenia in the World?


Slovenia is a small country in Central Europe, but contains within its borders Alpine mountains, thick forests, historic cities, and a short Adriatic coastline. Slovenia was the first former Yugoslav republic to join the European Union, in May 2004 – shortly after joining Nato.

How is Slovenia as a country?

In June 1991, Slovenia became the first republic that split from Yugoslavia and became an independent sovereign state. Slovenia is a developed country, with an advanced high-income economy; ranking very high in the Human Development Index.

Is Slovenia a good country?

To begin with, Slovenia is one of the safest countries in the world. Therefore, the life environment is favorable. The Life in Slovenia is pleasant, with exceptionally low crime rates. In Slovenia, you can find almost everything – mountains, lakes, caves, wild rivers, beautifully clean cities, castles and even the sea.

What is the rank of Slovenia in the result?

Regional Ranking

28 Slovenia 68.3
29 Portugal 67.5
30 Serbia 67.2
31 Hungary 67.2

Is Slovenia corrupt?

As of 2017, Slovenia was 34th on the Corruption perceptions index with 61 points (which is the same than in 2016) and is on the same place as Botswana. Slovenia has been stagnating in the field of corruption for at least 5 years. Major systemic measures are needed to lower the level of corruption in Slovenia.

Is Slovenia cheap to live?

Slovenia is generally less expensive than the U.S. For example, according to Numbeo, a cost-of-living data base, consumer prices in the U.S. are about 20% higher than in Slovenia, and rent prices are on average 117% higher in the U.S. Therefore, your retirement budget may stretch a lot further in Slovenia than in the …

What is Slovenia salary?

Average annual wages in Slovenia from 2000 to 2020 (in euros)*

Characteristic Average annual wages in euros
2020 26,269
2019 25,691
2018 24,958
2017 24,533

What is the average salary in Slovenia?

What is the national drink of Slovenia?

Slovenian spirits While Slovenians love beer and wine, there’s really only one national drink: schnapps.

How corrupt is Slovenia?