Where is the TV port on an AOD transmission?

Where is the TV port on an AOD transmission?

Using A Pressure Guage to Set It Up You will need to install your gauge into the TV test port on the transmission. The port is eight inch pipe thread, and is located on the passenger side of the transmission. Toward the back of the transmission, above the pan rail you will find two 7/16” headed pipe plugs side by side.

What does AOD governor do?

AOD GOVERNOR VALVE CLEAN/REPLACE: The governor valve senses the output shaft speed via centrifugal force of this valve against line pressure. The effect of the governor valve has an effect on shift points for all gears through the entire RPM range.

How does an AOD transmission work?

The AOD is a true hydromechanical 4-speed automatic transmission controlled by a manual shifter and throttle valve (TV) cable. They also have a throttle-controlled kickdown linkage, which works with the vacuum modulator to control shift-points mostly for wide-open throttle (WOT) downshift.

What is a AOD TV cable?

The throttle valve cable, or TV Cable is basically the data cable for your AOD equipped Fox Mustang. It controls the transmission line pressure which determines the shift points & shift firmness.

Where is the governor on a 4L60E transmission?

Where is the governor located on a 4L60E transmission? You will find your governor cap near the rear of the transmission case on the left side.

What year AOD is best?

’89-’93 are the best years for the AOD, they already have the better internals for anything with horsepower.

How bad is the AOD transmission?

As far as power robbing, short shifting the 2-3 shift, and sloppy shifts, yes, they are that bad. As far as strength and reliability they actually aren’t too bad. The key is the TV cable. As long as you have the TV cable adjusted correctly the AOD can actually take a decent amount of abuse even in stock form.

Is the Ford AOD transmission any good?

The Ford AOD transmission was evident in cars like the Mustangs, Fairmont, and LTDs around 1980 and 1993, and it was quite unique even though not in a really good way. The Ford AOD transmission shifting problem, therefore, gave it its unreliable performance reputation.

What should the pressure be on an AOD?

With the block installed the tv pressure should be 33 psi. With the block removed the pressure should be less than 5 psi. If this gauge block (D84P-70332-A) is for an aod with a carb and a rod.

Can a improper TV setting ruin an AOD transmission?

NOTHING can ruin an AOD transmission as quickly as improper TV settings. If you are unclear or uncomfortable with the procedure do not attempt this adjustment yourself. This information is meant to supplement, not replace, information that can be found in Ford service manuals for adjusting the TV pressure.

Why does AOD transmission feel like it is shifting?

IMPORTANT: The AOD transmission may feel like it is shifting at the right time when the TV cable is actually way off! The transmission will work for a while and then FAIL! It is critical that you learn to set the TV exactly like this paper says. Why?

How to set pressure on high output port injection?

HIGH OUTPUT Port injection models: Start with setting just a hair over MID. 1. Remove the air cleaner. Have someone floor the gas pedal from inside the car while you bend the THROTTLE cable bracket until the butterfly arm bottoms solidly on it’s stop.