Where to find Basic tools in stalker call of Pripyat?

Where to find Basic tools in stalker call of Pripyat?

The toolkit is located inside the dark green locker at the very end of the floor, and the door to the left of it can be opened to provide an easy one-way escape route. The first set is located inside the Pripyat Department Store, located in the basement behind the stairs….S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat.

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Where is Zulu in Pripyat?

Call of Pripyat He accompanies the player on the journey to Pripyat through the Jupiter underground. He is known to be among the very few Stalkers in the Zone who can sense an emission approaching long before any visible early warning signs could manifest. He is also solitary and a heavy drinker.

How do you recruit Strider?

Strider asks the player to speak to stalkers to see if a faction would accept to recruit them and have them in shelter. The mission then points the player towards Yanov Station. The player is able to speak to Duty leader Shulga or Freedom leader Loki in order to recruit Strider and his friends.

Where can I find fine tools stalker?

Jupiter workshop The tools are found at the top floor. This must be done with some care as that floor is host to an electrical anomaly field, and the low pipes will prevent the player from simply using bolts and running to get through safely.

How do I get to Pripyat Call of Pripyat?

Go to Pripyat. This part of the mission is set in the Jupiter Underground. The player must go through the underpass until they reach Pripyat.

Where can you find Magpies?

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Where is the meat chunk in Call of Pripyat?

Acquisition. The Meat Chunk can be found in chemical anomaly fields; the Swamp in Zaton and the Vine in Pripyat spawns one by default. A Meat Chunk can be found in the Jupiter Underground, in the room where the first Monolith squad ambushes the player.

Who can you bring to Pripyat?

Full five man squad. From left to right: Strider, Zulu, Degtyarev, Sokolov, and Vano. This achievement is directly tied to the main storyline of Call of Pripyat. It requires the player to recruit every possible squadmate for the Pripyat 1 mission.

How do you get to Jupiter underground?

The Jupiter Underground can be accessed from the Jupiter Factory, which is located in Yanov. Before entering this location, the player must acquire the Underpass Schematics and then assemble a team of at least one, maximum of four other Stalkers.

What are a group of magpies called?

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What is the meaning of chunk of meat?

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Is there a walkthrough for Call of Pripyat?

Picnic on the side of the road. This guide contains a full walkthrough of all missions in S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat, including sub missions, those from the main story line and the choices that the player can make during the game.

Where to find night stars in Call of Pripyat?

Night Stars can occasionally be found here. Locations with anomalies: Zaton: Boiler, Burnt Farmstead, Circus Jupiter: Bitumen, Ash Heap Pripyat: Volcano anomaly Electric: Bane of my existence. These shoot out insane bolts of electricity when you walk through them.

What are the artifacts in Call of Pripyat?

Just walk around them if possible. They house such artifacts as the toxic defenses: StoneBlood (+3 chem, +1 rad) and Meat Chunk (+6 chem, +2 rad), the health restorers: Soul (+2 health, +1 rad), the Kolobok (+4 health, +2 rad), and the Firefly (+6 health, +3 rad), and the final rad eater: Bubble (-6 rad).

What causes slash damage in Call of Pripyat?

Slash damage: Caused by most mutants, usually causes bleeding. Always heal bleeding as soon as you safely can, or it might get worse. Psy: This can be negated by pills or artifacts, just straight damage. Chemical: This hurts you and damages your gear. Can be negated by pills or artifacts.