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Which way do Bilstein 5100 shocks go?

Which way do Bilstein 5100 shocks go?

Bilstein tech advises that you should always mount your shocks so that the Bilstein logo is right-side up.

Can Bilstein 5100 shocks be mounted upside down?

You always want to install our application specific B6 4600 and B8 5100 shocks so the Bilstein labeled on the shock body is reading in the correct orientation. If your shocks have been installed with the stickers on upside down then the shocks should be flipped the other way.

Are Bilstein 5100 worth it?

Totally worth the upgrade. If you’re replacing the shocks, why not also replace the OEM coils with some FJC coils. It’ll add a slight lift and they are a slightly thicker coil and will help even further eliminate nose dive during braking and assist with better handling.

What is the best suspension for FJ Cruiser?

Our most popular option, according to customer feedback, are the Rancho Suspension RS9000XL Adjustable shock. These have 9 settings of compression adjustment through an easy-turning red knob on the bottom of the shock, accessible any time while on the vehicle for on the go adjustment.

Are Fox shocks better than Bilstein?

The decision depends on what you want out of your rig. That said, definitely expect a firmer ride out of Fox compared to the Bilstein. The aluminum body of the Fox 2.0 shocks provide a couple different benefits; lighter overall weight, and more importantly, better heat dissipation.

What makes Bilstein shocks so good?

Bilstein’s technically superior, patented monotube gas charged design allows the excessive heat from the oil to transfer to the outer surface of the shock body and dissipate more efficiently. The dividing piston also permits the oil to expand as heat builds, preventing aeration (foaming) and viscosity loss.

What’s better Bilstein or Fox?

What kind of suspension does an FJ Cruiser have?

The FJ Cruiser uses a high-mounted, double wishbone front suspension and stabilizer bar, and a 4-link rear suspension with lateral rod with coil springs and stabilizer bar. The 120-series Land Cruiser Prado, Tacoma, 4Runner, and Hilux share the same suspension parts as the FJ Cruiser.

Is Bilstein a good brand?

BILSTEIN was ranked Best Brand with 70.2% in the “Shock absorbers” category. In the “Suspension” segment, BILSTEIN was victorious with 21.30%. The next best company only achieved less than 11% of the votes.