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Which word means the same as deferential?

Which word means the same as deferential?

Some common synonyms of deference are homage, honor, and reverence. While all these words mean “respect and esteem shown to another,” deference implies a yielding or submitting to another’s judgment or preference out of respect or reverence.

What is deferential attitude?

: showing or expressing respect and high regard due a superior or an elder : showing or expressing deference listened with deferential attention to his grandfather deferential to the judge’s decision.

What is deferential tone?

Someone who is deferential is polite and respectful towards someone else.

What words would you use to describe someone who is deferential?

courteous, regardful, dutiful, obedient, reverential.

What are synonyms for nemesis?

synonyms for nemesis

  • adversary.
  • affliction.
  • curse.
  • infliction.
  • plague.
  • rival.
  • ruination.
  • scourge.

What is the synonym of covert?

Some common synonyms of covert are clandestine, furtive, secret, stealthy, surreptitious, and underhanded. While all these words mean “done without attracting observation,” covert stresses the fact of not being open or declared.

What is a deferential style?

Delivering information or making announcement. The deferential style has been regarded as expressing respect to the addressee, formality and/or power in the situation.

What does Obeisant mean?

1 : a movement of the body made in token of respect or submission : bow After making his obeisances he approached the altar. 2 : acknowledgment of another’s superiority or importance : homage makes obeisance to her mentors The players paid obeisance to their coach.

What are some synonyms for nemesis?

What are three synonyms for nemesis?

What are the synonyms for retribution?

synonyms for retribution

  • comeuppance.
  • compensation.
  • reckoning.
  • redress.
  • reprisal.
  • retaliation.
  • revenge.
  • vengeance.