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Who did michael Hunter lose to?

Who did michael Hunter lose to?

Pro Boxing Career

date opponent result
2021-08-03 Mike Wilson 21 1 0 W
vacant World Boxing Association Continental Americas Heavy Title
2020-12-18 Shawn Laughery 10 3 0 W
2019-12-07 Alexander Povetkin 35 2 0 D

Who is michael Hunter?

(born July 10, 1988) is an American professional boxer who challenged for the WBO junior heavyweight title in 2017….Michael Hunter (American boxer)

Michael Hunter
Real name Michael Hunter, Jr.
Nickname(s) The Bounty
Weight(s) Cruiserweight Heavyweight

How tall is Michael Hunter?

1.88 m
Michael Hunter/Height

How heavy is Tommy fury?

Thomas Michael John Fury (born 7 May 1999) is a British professional boxer and reality television star….

Tommy Fury
Nickname(s) TNT
Weight(s) Light-heavyweight
Height 6 ft (183 cm)
Reach 80 in (203 cm)

How tall in feet is Tyson Fury?

2.06 m
Tyson Fury/Height

Is Michael Hunter still practicing?

He holds medical licenses in California and Florida, and is certified by the American Board of Pathology in anatomic pathology and clinical pathology and forensic pathology.

How old is Michaels pathologist?

Michael Hunter (forensic pathologist)

MD Michael Hunter
Born Michael D. Hunter 1966/1967 (age 54–55)
Children 1
Education Medical University of South Carolina (MD)
Occupation Medical examiner Television host

How much does Dr Michael Hunter make?

Since 2016, Hunter has also been the host of a cable TV show called “Autopsy: The Last Hours of…” He earned a salary of roughly $439,000 including benefits in 2018 as chief medical examiner, according to the website Transparent California.

Is Tommy Fury a gypsy?

Tommy Fury was born on 7 May 1999 in Manchester, England. His father John Fury is of Irish Traveller descent and his mother Chantal is of Mauritian descent. His half-brother is heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury.

What weight class is 85 kg boxing?

Current Weight Divisions

Division/Class Stone kg
Welterweight 10½ st 66,678 kg
Super Welterweight Jr Middleweight 11 st 69,85 kg
Middleweight 11 st 6 lbs 72,574 kg
Super Middleweight 12 st 76,203 kg

Is Tyson Fury really a gypsy?

Fury’s nickname comes from his Irish traveller heritage on both his mother and father’s sides, which he was often spoken of during his career. In 2016, for example, the boxer declared: “I am a gypsy and that’s it. I will always be a gypsy, I’ll never change.

Who narrates autopsy the last hours?

Autopsy: The Last Hours of… is a documentary-style television series that investigates the tragic, controversial and sudden deaths of celebrities….Autopsy: The Last Hours of…

Autopsy: The Last Hours of
Narrated by Steven Mackintosh (United Kingdom) Iain Glen (United Kingdom) Eric Meyers (United States)